1. I will be starting a computer programming class in two weeks at school (I'm only going to 9th grade lol) and was wondering how you could make a kill/death tracker for skywars. Basically, an example would be that every time I get a kill it tracks that number and adds it for every amount no matter what game mode in skywars. Same for the death tracker and possibly add a feature to reset the counter. I have zero coding experience, and have seen countless of these for mega walls. Any ideas of a program or to create something like this. If you want to see an example of one of the kill trackers for mega walls I'll be glad to send you the forums page for it.
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  3. There are multiple ways to do this, but because Hypixel has some custom killing mechanisms (don't remember if they exist in Skywars or not), the most universal way would be to look for chat messages using Regex and the ClientChatReceivedEvent to find messages saying that either you killed someone or someone killed you. The only problem is this doesn't account for nicknames, so if you wanted it to work even if you were nicked, then you'd need to make changes.

    The other option, if it works, would be to use Respawn events and damage events to keep track. Like I said though, this might not work in all games. The advantage to this is it isn't necessarily affected by nicknames.

    If you're taking a programming class soon, unless you were instructed to start before class starts, then I wouldn't try to start programming now. Especially in Minecraft Forge with zero previous experience.
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  4. Oh, okay thanks for the information though!
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  5. For kills use this regex pattern:
    "\w{1,16} [ a-zA-Z0-9']+ (by|of|to|for) "+Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.getName()
    For deaths use this:
    Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.getName()+" [ a-zA-Z0-9']+ (by|of|to|for) \w{1,16}"
    Well, at least that's what I use.

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