1. Yeah, but isn't there an afk counter thingy in place so you can't do that. Ahh whatever that's just really impressive!
  2. joeven

    joeven Well-Known Member

    iQuest IQ
    I'm pretty sure there isn't, but they need to add one.
  3. [​IMG]
    lol ur mum gay
  4. Don't you have a bounty of over 6000 tho?
    I'd rather have a 10k bounty than 1000ks.
  5. I'm heading towards a 10k bounty actually, although i lost my kill streak i still have the bounty

    and like hell I'd do a 1000 kill streak, I want my hand to still be capable of movement

    100 Ks is good enough for me (5k bounty with 85 kills is a little... off for me)

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