1. I got a kill streak of 213 and a bounty of 5100g. The bounty caps at 5000g, but the event of everyone gets a 100g bounty boosted it up to 5100g.

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  2. Grats meh dude. I saw someone with more though...some guy named Bab.
    He also got I 1800 kill streak bu im not sure that's true about that.
  3. Dang dude that's a long kill streak, this took me like 2 hours to get that. I wonder how long that would take 0_0.
  4. Idk man. It's gotta be long though
  5. My friend got a 900 kill streak and then the server closed
    rip the 1k dream
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  6. Someone got a 3333 kill streak, but good job on yours man, that’s still very hard to do.
  7. I am just wondering how long he was playing, but tell him that's amazing :D.
    I have got a long way to 3333, gotta keep grinding :p. Also thanks <3
  8. I saw someone with a 1070 kill streak...

    How does his fingers not break?
  9. I know what you mean I had to make a break after that, my hands hurt a lot.
  10. Nicroo

    Nicroo Active Member

    With diamond armor it isnt a challenge.
  11. I'm pretty sure that you can get a bounty above the 5k cap by waiting for the "Everyone gets a bounty" event
  12. It was an accomplishment for me okay XD.
    Yeah i did, in the screenshot it says 5100G.
  13. I didn't actually know about that little exploit. Congrats!
  14. Thanks man ^^
  15. Grats man, high as streak ._.

    My highest is 85.. then i /spawn and lost the kill streak rip

    I would love to get to 100 streak someday
  16. My highest is something like 58. I always play vampire and never buy armor, so I always die to someone knocking me into water or pushing me into a wall so that I can't back up and bow them to heal.
  17. I believe in you man, once you hit that 100 tell me so I can congratulate you! :D
    Rip dude, try playing with Golden heads, Strength, and the diamond armor perks they are very op combination.
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  18. joeven

    joeven Well-Known Member

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    I saw someone with a frickin 6150 bounty. They got the bounty event 12 times...
  19. They must have been playing for like hours and hours on end because that's really insane 0_0
  20. joeven

    joeven Well-Known Member

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    Nah, probably just afking for eternity and getting 100 bounty once in a while.

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