1. I was playing solo insane. I was fighting a guy, who i got very low, and another dude came. I think the guy who i was fighting first died from fall dmg, but i didn't know who got the last hit, me or the guy who came last. But i heard the kill sound effect which is the same as the kill sound effect. I jumped after the other guy thinking i had strenght, when he 2 shot me and i realized i didn't have strenght, and he had it. Could we do something about this please.
  2. It's a ranged sound I'm pretty sure, at least from my experience it is.

    According to the cosmetics menu the feature is intentional.
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  3. Um did he have the same sound effect as you and he did the final blow? I don’t really understand what ur saying but if we’re on the same page u might have been trolled by urself
  4. You can quickly glance at chat and look at who got the kill. If you didn’t get the kill, then you didn’t get the Strength.
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  5. I would but the fight countinued instantly, so i didn't have the chance to do that. Im not some pro player, who can multi task +10 things at the same time you know...
  6. I don't exactly know, but i heard the sound effect that i killed someone, so i wanted to continue my streak. But he got the kill.
  7. My first cause of death is someone 1-tapping my kill and strengthchaining. Not really much you could do other than run and place blocks
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  8. Or you can use the OOF mod made by Refraction. If you hear the OOF sound effect in-game, then it means you got the kill. It's stupid but it works.
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  9. get a rare ranked kill effect and that way the chances of being confused as to who got the kill is lower
  10. 1. I dont think i should have heard the sound of the kill.
    2. Yeah, but its still a chance, unless its a really annyoing little bug to fix, it would be better for alot of people to fix it.
    3. I've already done that :)
  11. OOF
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  12. Get heart explosion, it's big and noticable so this won't happen again
  13. The problem is that i heard my kill sound, so I thought i killed him, but he got the kill. It doesnt matter what kill sound did I have.
  14. except diamond is hard to get

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