1. I think instead of using heads to buy mythical kits, I think they should've just add side kits that will include one or two items (or something like that) that you can add on to the main kit you select.

    I'm just saying, not being 100% serious.
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  2. I don't know... I think those kits are and should be an award for being gud
  3. side kits

    why haven't I thought of that :O
  4. Like what? Swords? Armor? That will make some kits really unbalanced
  5. Opsect

    Opsect Well-Known Member

    Galex GALEX
    I say instead of side kits, they do side perks since side kits would make the kits unbalanced. The side perks could be:
    • 35% chance to get double exp
    • 7 seconds of strength instead of 5
    • 10 extra seconds of speed on all 3 of your scout speed potions
    I don't know, this is just what I'm thinking of at the top of my head.
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  6. I think it could just be a better chance to find speed potions, diamond armour in your chests. Like, 5-10% better.
  7. Goodwade

    Goodwade Well-Known Member

    Kathios KATH
    7 Seconds of strength can be very OP if used correctly.
    Yeah, maybe not that.
  8. idrk, this was just an idea I didn't fully think of. Maybe kinda like a special item from a mystic kit, maybe 1 time warp pearl idk.
  9. This would work better yeah, it would be good if they had them for every perk except for maybe strength
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