1. [Start Date: January 1, 2017]

    Hey everyone, and welcome to my well awaited (by me anyways) ideas thread! Here I will be sharing a good bit of my ideas that could potentially "improve" the server. Not sure what else to say in my introduction other than enjoy :D

    Docs List:

    New Games
    I know Dungeon Crawlers have been suggested multiple times in the past, but I'm doing it anyways because I like the idea and I want to try and create one myself.

    Title of Minigame (Optional): Dungeon Crawlers (or something along the lines of that)
    Overview of the Game:
    This game will be your average dungeon crawler gamemode with similarities to Warlords.

    Games would consist of a maximum of 8 players, but can start at a minimum of 5 players.

    Important thing to note, players only have 1 life. Dying will turn you into a spectator. If you leave the game early, you will get your coins for mob kills/assists, but you won’t get your karma or winning gold (if your team wins).

    The players would have to go through a series of rooms and can only exit each room once all mobs have been eliminated. A compass will be provided in the 9th hotbar slot that will lead you to the nearest mob. Once all mobs have been eliminated, a message will appear on the screen that says "All mobs have been defeated. You may now proceed to the next room." From there, players will be able to advance to the next room. The entrance to the next room will be represented by coal blocks, or some other block to represent darkness.

    Also, I’ve thought of a way to avoid players relying on others to complete the game for them and farming coins without any effort. If a player is in a previous room for too long, they will be instantly killed for not participating. After about 30 seconds, if the player hasn’t exited the empty room, they will be killed. At 10 seconds, a warning will pop up in the middle of your screen saying “You will be killed in 10… 9…. 8” and so on. Once it hits one, you will be killed and kicked out of the game. The only way to avoid this is to participate in the game and stay in the room that’s currently active.

    You are unable to retreat back into previous rooms and cannot advance to the next room until it’s empty of mobs.

    There will be a total of 10 rooms, the first 9 being mobs and the final being the boss room. Mobs will get stronger the farther you advance into the dungeon.

    Upon defeating the boss room, you will be rewarded with 500 coins, the usual exp for completing a game, 50 extra karma for staying the entire game, and weapon shards (which I'll get into later). You also get coins from kills/assists on mobs. I'll leave coin count to Devs (if this gets added anyways) for balancing purposes.

    Like Warlords, there will be 4 special skills for each class. One will be a damaging skill, one will be defense/buff, one will be healing, and one will be an ultimate. Unlike Warlords, you will need to be using the needed class for each weapon, meaning if one weapon is for one class, you can't use that weapon with another class.

    This game can either have a texture pack with 3D weapons (similar to Warlords), or can use the default textures. My only concern with making a texture pack for this game is how Hypixel will be able to make multiple bow textures for Archer while still using the Minecraft bow charging mechanics.

    Great at close combat, Knight is for anyone who loves rushing in and causing mayhem to the enemy. While you do take a bit of a bruising, the damage you deal well makes up for it. Knights are usually made for the front lines and can deal the most damage.

    Style: Damage

    Health: 3000

    Base Attack: Jab
    Click your Button 1 to deal melee damage to the enemy.
    Damage: Item Damage
    Crit Multiplier: Item's Multiplier
    Crit Chance: Item's Chance
    Cooldown: None

    Skill 1: Side Swipe
    Swing your sword in a diagonal fashion to hit all enemies within a 3x1 size block directly in front of you. Also deals a bit of knockback.

    Damage: 100-200
    Crit Multiplier: 140%
    Crit Chance: 10%
    Cooldown: 10 seconds

    Skill 2: Iron Will
    Imbue yourself with a tremendous amount of persistence and determination, reducing the damage you take sufficiently for specific amount of time.
    Damage Reduction: 30%
    Cooldown: 30 seconds
    Duration: 5 seconds

    Skill 3: Healing Radiance
    Heal you and 2 of your closest teammates within a 2 block radius of yourself.
    Healing: 100-250 health
    Crit Multiplier: 100%
    Crit Chance: 15%
    Cooldown: 20 seconds

    Skill 4: Holy Strength
    Burst into an unstoppable force, dealing 50% more damage with all attacks, gaining 10% more speed, and healing 5% of the damage you do.
    Damage: +50%
    Crit Multiplier: +10%
    Crit Chance: +10%
    Cooldown: 1 minute 20 seconds.
    Duration: 10 seconds

    Ability: Rage
    When below 50% health, all attacks and damaging skills deal 30% more damage.
    For all you players out there who don't particularly enjoy the rush of close combat, Archer may suit you better. Able to wield a variety of bows, Archer is amazing at long range, and it should be, since it has no melee weapon. You can always try punching with your bow though. (Note, arrows fired will work the same way as Green Arrow in Smash Heroes, only here it fires one arrow.)

    Style: Ranged

    Health: 2500

    Base Attack: Arrow Shot
    Fire your bow to shoot an arrow at your enemy. The farther you are away, the more damage you'll do.
    Damage: Item Damage + 2% every 5 blocks
    Crit Multiplier: Item's Multiplier + 2% every 5 blocks
    Crit Chance: Item's Chance
    Cooldown: None

    Skill 1: Tri-shot
    Instantly fire a burst of 3 arrows at once, dealing damage and a great amount of knockback to enemies they hit.
    Damage: 100-250 per arrow
    Crit Multiplier: 130%
    Crit Chance: 20%
    Cooldown: 15 seconds

    Skill 2: Quick Escape
    Quickly escape the dangers of close combat by gaining a 40% speed boost and a bit of damage reduction.
    Damage Reduction: 15%
    Cooldown: 30 seconds
    Duration 8 seconds

    Skill 3: Healing Arrow
    The next shot you fire will be able to heal your teammates and yourself. To heal, you must fire it at your teammates. All players within a 3x3 area of the arrow's contact will be healed. Firing at an enemy will stun them for a brief moment while also dealing damage and healing teammates within the radius.
    Damage: Item Damage - 10%
    Healing: 150-250
    Cooldown: 30 seconds
    Stun: 3 seconds (only stuns the enemy it directly hits | when stunned, the enemy cannot move or damage players)

    Skill 4: Explosive Tipped
    Your next shot will be an explosive-tipped arrow, damaging all enemies it hits. The radius of the explosion is that of a vanilla TNT's.
    Damage: 200-300 on direct hit | 50-200 with burst
    Crit Multiplier: 150%
    Crit Chance: 15%
    Cooldown: 1 minute

    Ability: Blazing Essence
    All arrows, even skill arrows, have a 20% chance to light the enemy it directly hits on fire.
    DPS: 20
    Duration: 5 seconds

    Masters of the arts of fire, earth, ice, and water, Mages are great at supporting other classes. Mages are well suited for gaining assists and helping other teammates. While having too many can lead to problems such as insufficient damage dealt, having a few with you can help GREATLY! (Note, unlike the Archer, the Mage's projectiles aren't affected by gravity.)

    Style: Support

    Health: 2000
    Mana (Represented by EXP Bar): 100
    Mana Regeneration: 10 per second

    Base Attack: Fireball
    Use your Button 2 to launch a fireball that can also deal burst damage within a 1 block radius of its contact.
    Damage: Item Damage on direct it | Item Damage - 10% with burst
    Crit Multiplier: Item's Multiplier
    Crit Chance: Item's Chance
    Cooldown: None
    Mana Needed: 20

    Skill 1: Earthen Strike
    Shoot a stone spike at an enemy, dealing burst damage within a 1 block radius of its contact. Also poisons the enemy it directly hits.
    Damage: 150-200 on direct hit | 50-100 with burst
    Crit Multiplier (also for poison): 150%
    Crit Chance (also for poison): 15%
    Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Poison: 10 DPS for 10 seconds
    Mana Needed: 20

    Skill 2: Frost Barrier
    Cover yourself in a thick layer of frost reducing the damage you take, and slowing enemies that hit you for 3 seconds by 20%.
    Damage Reduction: 40%
    Cooldown: 30 seconds
    Duration: 5 seconds
    Mana Needed: 25

    Skill 3: Aqua Bolts
    Fire 5 water bolts at once in a shotgun style, either damaging enemies or healing teammates. Also has a burst effect of a 1 block radius.
    Damage: 50-150 on direct hit | 25-50 with burst
    Healing: 150-300 health per bolt
    Crit Multiplier (also for healing): 130%
    Crit Chance (also for healing): 15%
    Cooldown: 30
    Mana Needed: 30

    Skill 4: Boosted Mana
    Hone your magical abilities and raise your mana regeneration speed beyond it's current power, giving you much more mana to use.
    Mana Regeneration: 30 per second
    Cooldown: 1 minute 20 seconds
    Duration: 10 seconds

    Ability: Mystic Aura

    Teammates within 3 blocks of you get a 5% speed boost and heal 1% of their total health every second. (Effects do NOT stack up with multiple Mages.)

    Items in this game will have a damage value, crit multiplier, crit chance, and buff a specific skill, similar to Warlords. However, you can only use the weapon for its desired class.

    From winning a game, you can either get "Blade Fragments", "Bow Fragments", or "Wand Fragments". Combining 4 of one fragment will get you a weapon for its class, Blade being for Knight, Bow being for Archer, and Wand being for mage. You can also get multiple fragments per game.

    This would run on a similar weapon tier system to Warlords, having Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Common being the easiest to get and legendary being the rarest.

    Here's an example of how an item would look:
    The leveling system will be like that of an average RPG, where you need to play to level up. Killing mobs or winning a game will give you some exp. Leveling up will boost your health and gradually boost your skills.

    Getting a kill or an assist on a mob grants you 10 exp. Winning a game gives 200. This can be change if it seems too much or too less.

    There are a total of 50 levels they all follow the same pattern. If it seems a bit much, I’ll try to lower the requirements for some levels.
    Level 0: Default
    Level 1: 100
    Level 2: 200
    Level 3: 400
    Level 4: 600
    Level 5: 900
    Level 6: 1200
    Level 7: 1600
    Level 8: 2000
    Level 9: 2500
    Level 10: 3000
    Level 11: 3600
    Level 12: 4200
    Level 13: 4900
    Level 14: 5600
    Level 15: 6400
    Level 16: 7200
    Level 17: 8100
    Level 18: 9000
    Level 19: 10000
    Level 20: 11000

    Those are the first 20 levels. Find the pattern and you’ll know all the exp requirements for each level.
    In the store, you can buy perks, boosters, create weapons, and boost weapons.

    Perks are little things that can help you ingame.

    I - 5% chance to get double coins from mob kills - 750 coins
    II - 8% chance to get double coins from mob kills - 1500 coins
    III - 12% chance to get double coins from mob kills - 3600 coins
    IV - 15% chance to get double coins from mob kills - 5100 coins
    V - 20% chance to get double coins from mob kills - 6850 coins
    I - 8% chance to get double exp from mob kills/assists - 500 coins
    II - 12% chance to get double exp from mob kills/assists - 1250 coins
    III - 18% chance to get double exp from mob kills/assists - 3350 coins
    IV - 25% chance to get double exp from mob kills/assists - 4850 coins
    V - 30% chance to get double exp from mob kills/assists - 6600 coins
    I - 3% chance to deal double damage (affects crits too) - 500 coins
    II - 3% chance to deal double damage (affects crits too) - 1250 coins
    III - 3% chance to deal double damage (affects crits too) - 3350 coins
    IV - 3% chance to deal double damage (affects crits too) - 4850 coins
    V - 3% chance to deal double damage (affects crits too) - 6600 coins
    I - Increases speed by 4% - 1000 coins
    II - Increases speed by 8% - 1750 coins
    III - Increases speed by 12% - 3850 coins
    IV - Increases speed by 16% - 5350 coins
    V - Increases speed by 20% - 7100 coins
    I - Decrease skill cooldown by 3% - 1000 coins
    II - Decrease skill cooldown by 6% - 1750 coins
    III - Decrease skill cooldown by 9%- 3850 coins
    IV - Decrease skill cooldown by 12%- 5350 coins
    V - Decrease skill cooldown by 15%- 7100 coins
    Boosters are pretty self explanatory. The boost your exp gain by double the amount for a specific amount of time.

    Double EXP Booster (1 hour): 2000 coins
    Double EXP Booster (3 hours): 5500 coins
    This is where you can get your weapon. Click the fragment of the weapon you want to craft (flint=knight; string=archer; stick=mage) and you will craft a random weapon. It will appear in chat and you can hover your mouse over the name in chat or item itself to view it's stats.

    If you get a legendary, it will appear in chat saying "Username has just crafted a legendary item name!"

    Hovering your cursor over the fragment will show the name of the fragment, the quantity of it, and a message at the bottom saying "Click to craft a weapon."
    Here is where you can boost your weapon. A boost is an extra effect your weapon gets. A list will be down below. The boost will affect the weapon you currently have selected.

    Iron Pick - +1 Boost - 10000 coins
    Gold Pick - +2 Boosts - 19500 coins
    Diamond Pick - +3 Boosts - 29000 coins
    Barrier - Remove All Boosts - Free

    - x% coin increase on kills/assists
    - x% exp increase on kills/assists
    - x% skill damage increase
    - x% skill healing increase
    - x% movement speed increase
    - x% chance to deal aoe damage in a 2x2 radius - only affects base attacks
    - x% mana regeneration increase (specifically for mage weapons)

    There will also be a confirmation that you have to go through before purchasing a boost.
    Clicking the Green Wool will confirm it and your weapon will have the boost. Clicking the Red Wool will deny it and will take you back to the main store HUD. I'm adding a confirmation screen because I feel like the cost is a bit much and if a player clicks it by accident or has the wrong weapon selected, well, you know what'll happen.

    Important Information
    - There is a max of 3 boosts per weapon, but you can always user Remove All Boosts to change them.
    - The reason they're so expensive is because they're not needed for actual gameplay and are considered post-game unless you manage to save up enough at the beginning of the game.
    - Percentages are randomized from 5%-50%.

    Possible map ideas for your Minigame:
    Here's some screenshots of a map I tried to build. However, its really REALLY small compared to what I'd like to see, though I know I can expect much more amazing things from the build team.

    I know my pictures are terrible quality. If people want a better view, I can take different ones.
    2017-01-01_23.07.55.png 2017-01-01_23.07.40.png 2017-01-01_23.08.04.png 2017-01-01_23.07.13.png

    How big should the maps be? What should these maps include?
    Maps should be a decent size for an 8 player game. There should open areas for melee and camping for range or healing. Make sure to have all camping areas accessible by players AND mobs.

    There could also be multiple mob spawning points.

    Design and visual wise, it should be like a classic dungeon theme with pillars, mossy cobble, lots of stone, and things like that. Make sure to have a light source too for seeing ability. Variety of map styles would be nice too, like stepping away from the droopy-wet style of dungeons to a different angle.

    Possible Achievements for this minigame:
    "I got the magic in me!" Get a legendary weapon for Mage - 5ap
    "Cutting edge." Get a legendary weapon for Knight - 5ap
    "Bow down to me." Get a legendary weapon for Archer - 5ap

    "Unkillable I" Win 10 game - 5ap
    "Unkillable II" Win 50 games - 10ap
    "Unkillable III" Win 250 games - 15 ap
    "Unkillable IV" Win 500 games - 20ap
    "Unkillable V" Win 1000 games - 25aap

    "Monster Hunter I" Kill 500 enemies - 5ap
    "Monster Hunter II" Kill 1250 enemies - 10ap
    "Monster Hunter III" Kill 3000 enemies - 15ap
    "Monster Hunter IV" Kill 5000 enemies - 20ap
    "Monster Hunter V" Kill 10000 enemies - 25 ap

    Any additional information or final notes you wish to include:
    Thank you for reading through all of this if you did. If you happen to have any other ideas or suggestions, whether it’s for adding something new, removing something, or balancing, please say. I will try to change things to tend to the community’s wishes. If you have any questions regarding the game (gameplay, weapons, store, etc.) ask away and I’ll try my best to answer. If you have questions regarding the coding side to this or about how difficult this will be to code, I won’t be able to answer that since I’m not a coder. You’ll have to ask an Admin about it.

    [Original Thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/game-hero-factory-ctf-and-point-capture.1123762/]

    Title of Minigame (Optional): Hero Factory (can be changed)

    Overview of the Game:

    Each game will have a maximum of 20 players, 10 on each team, but games can start at a minimum of 12 players, having 6 on each team.

    There will be 2 gamemodes, point capture (domination) and team deathmatch (TDM). For those of you who play Warlords, CvC, or TNT Wizards, you know the basics of the games, but for those of you who don’t, I’ll explain.

    In point capture, aka domination, the objective is to get a number of points before the other team. You can get points by taking over capture points (CPs), which are designated areas that you need to be in for a specific amount of time in order to capture it.

    There will be 5 CPs, 1 in the center and 2 closer to either teams’ spawns. A team will need to get to 3000 points before the other team does in order to win. There will be a time limit to the game though (10 minutes), and if a team doesn’t get to 3000 points before the timer ends, the team with the most points will win.

    To capture an unclaimed CP, you need to “simply” stand on the CP for 5 seconds. To capture a claimed CP, you need to stand on the CP for 10 seconds (5 seconds will revert it to an unclaimed CP and 5 seconds to claim it again). If you leave the CP before it’s claimed, it will revert back to an unclaimed CP or back to the team’s CP (depending on what it was before).

    Also, to extend games and make them just a bit more fair for the underdogs, CPs will only give you points for 60 seconds before reverting back to uncaptured. You can always capture the same point again though.

    Here’s the catch. If an opponent is on the same CP as you, it will not capture. The way to stop this is to either get the person off the CP (either by knocking them back or by killing them) or have more of your team on the CP at once. You must have more of your team on the CP compared to the other team in order to capture it (if both teams are going for the same CP).
    1 CP: 2 pps (points per second)
    2 CPs: 4 pps
    3 CPs: 8 pps
    4 CPs: 16 pps
    5 CPs: 32 pp

    In TDM, aka team deathmatch, the objective is to get the most points within a certain time limit. To gain points, you must kill the opposing team’s players. Yes, there will be infinite respawns.

    Each kill will be worth 5 points. The time limit will be 5 minutes, and whichever team has the most points by then will win. If both teams somehow have the same amount of points, the next team to get more points will win.

    Now, since the game seems pretty simple, I decided to add a little thing to the game to make it more “complicated.” That little thing is called a timekill. Timekills will give you more points depending on how much you get. To achieve a timekill, you must kill another player in less than 5 seconds after your last kill. Doing a timekill will result in an extra point being given to your team. If you achieve another timekill (another kill 5 seconds after the second kill / first timekill), then you will receive 2 extra points. This continues until a timekill streak of 5, at where it will no longer increase.

    The way a timekill streak can end is if you don’t get another kill within the 5 seconds of your last kill.

    Another little thing that can be added is Bounties. A Bounty will be placed on a player who has received a high killstreak. Killing that player will grant one extra point for the team of the player that kills them. These Bounties will increase in value as the player gets more kills.

    - 5 killsteak: +1 extra point
    - 10 killstreak: +2 extra points
    - 15 killstreak: +3 extra points
    - 20 killstreak: +4 extra points
    - 25+ killstreak: +5 extra points

    There will be a variety of powerups that will randomly spawn throughout the maps.

    +50 points [gold block]: adds 50 points to your team’s total points.

    x2 point multiplier [emerald block]: gives the player a x2 point multiplier (also affects timekill points) that lasts for 8 seconds.

    Instant health powerup [redstone block]: instantly heals 3 HEARTS of health.
    Regeneration powerup [pink wool]: gives the player regen II for 8 seconds.

    Damage powerup [red wool]: gives the player a 30% damage boost for main attacks and base skills (will go over skills later) that lasts for 15 seconds.

    Speed powerup [yellow wool]: gives the player a 30% movement speed boost that lasts for 8 seconds.

    Defense powerup [light blue wool]: gives the player 3 absorption HEARTS that lasts for 30 seconds or until enough damage is dealt to remove them.

    Now, time for my favorite part, the classes. This is the reason I named it Hero Factory. There will be many kits, but I will stick to explaining a few for now.

    Need-to-know Info:
    - Each class will have 3 skills, 1 base and 2 secondaries (the base skill can be triggered by either right-clicking or left-clicking (depends on class) the main weapon in the first hotbar slot; the secondary skills can be activated by right-clicking the icons in your second and third hotbar slots).

    - All classes will also have a player tracker in the 9th hotbar slot leading them to the enemy player. In CTF, right-clicking it will change it to where it tracks flag carriers. Left-clicking it will change its target (will target a different player; will target either the opponent flag carrier or your team’s flag carrier).

    - All classes will have some sort of passive ability or permanent potion effect.

    Damage, Mobility
    Leather helm (black)
    Leather chestplate (black)
    Leather leggings (black)
    Iron boots
    Diamond sword

    Base Skill [right-click]: Smoke Bomb
    - Throws out 3 eggs (similar fashion to the triple shot in bow spleef) that blinds hit opponents for 3 seconds. Will deal no damage, but will do 100% knockback to
    - 10 second cooldown.

    Second Skill: Blink
    - Instantly teleports the user 8 blocks in the direction they’re facing. If there is a block within those 8 blocks, you will teleport in front of it.
    - 25 second cooldown.

    Third Skill: Shadow Step
    - Go completely invisible (including armor) for 5 seconds. All debuffs are removed (including fire), but your speed is downed to speed I for the duration of the skill. You cannot damage enemies and they cannot damage you.
    - 55 second cooldown.

    Passive: Athleticism
    - You have a permanent speed II (can be increased by speed powerup).

    Iron helm w/ Projectile Prot. I
    Chain chestplate w/ Projectile Prot I
    Bow w/ Power I, Infinity I

    Base Skill [left-click]: Flame Tipped
    - Your next shot will be a fire arrow, burning the player hit for 3 seconds.
    - 15 second cooldown.

    Second Skill: Trishot
    - For 5 seconds, all your shots will shoot three arrows instead (similar to bow spleef, but you actually need to pull back your bow). However, you get Slowness I.
    - 30 second cooldown.

    Third Skill: Arrow Rush
    - Bow charging time is delayed by 35% for 8 seconds. You also gain Speed II for 5 seconds.
    - 65 second cooldown.

    Passive: Headshot
    - Headshots will deal 25% more damage.

    In the store, you'll be able to buy “replacement” skills for classes. What a replacement skill is is a skill that you can use instead of the default skills. Each class will have up to 2 different purchasable skills for each skill (base, second, third).

    You can enter the store by right-clicking on the emerald in your hotbar. It will then take you to a page when you can buy classes, each class costing more depending on their difficulty. Clicking a locked class will take you to a screen asking if you're sure you want to buy it. Click the green clay to confirm and the red clay to deny. The class you have activated will be enchanted. To select the class, you must click on the unlocked class and click the green clay at the bottom of the GUI.

    To buy a replacement skill, you need to click on a class you’ve unlocked. It will take you to a page that shows you which skills you currently have activated. To change the skill, you need to click the skill (base, second, or third) and it will take you to another page where you can either select the skill or buy the skill. To buy a skill, it follows the same procedures as buying a kit. You’ll know which skill you have activated because it will be enchanted. To select a skill, simply go to the page where you buy the skills and click on the unlocked skill that you don’t have selected.
    Double Hit (8,000 coins)
    - Will hit an person once. Hitting the same person again with your next hit will deal +1 extra damage.
    - 15 second cooldown.

    Blinding Strike (8,000 coins)
    - Hit an opponent for 100% for base weapon and gives the hit opponent blindness and wither I for 3 seconds.
    - 15 second cooldown.
    Flashback (costs 10,000 coins)
    - Set up a delayed teleport. After 3 seconds, you teleport back to where you activated the skill, blinding any opponents within 2 blocks of where you land for 1 second.
    - 20 second cooldown.

    Backstab (costs 10,000 coins)
    - If a player is within 3 blocks and within your view, you teleport behind them. If you hit them within 1 second, that hit will deal an extra 1 heart of damage (with armor penetration) and 0 knockback.
    - 25 second cooldown.
    Darkened Blade (costs 12,000 coins)
    - For 5 seconds, the next person you hit will receive blindness for 3 second and cancel their sprint for 5 seconds.
    - 50 second cooldown.

    Leech Blade (costs 12,000 coins)
    - For 8 seconds, you will gain 2 hearts of health after every kill and half-a-heart from assists.
    - 60 second cooldown.

    Frost Arrow (costs 8,000 coins)
    - Your next shot will be a frozen arrow, giving Slowness IV to the person it hits for 2 seconds, but do 25% less damage.
    - 15 second cooldown.

    Grapple (costs 8,000 coins)
    - Your next arrow will be a grappling arrow. If you hit an enemy player, you will pull that player towards you. If you hit a block or teammate, it will pull you towards that block or teammate.
    - 20 second cooldown.
    Piercing Blow (costs 10,000 coins)
    - For 5 seconds, your arrows will have complete armor penetration. But, your bow’s power level will be removed for the duration of the skill.
    - 30 second cooldown.

    Bleeding (costs 10,000 coins)
    - For 3 seconds, players you hit with your arrows will received a bleeding effect for 2 seconds, cancelling their sprint and receiving weakness I. Hitting the same person with a Bleeding shot will restart their bleeding effect duration.
    - 35 second cooldown.
    Close Combat (costs 12,000 coins)
    - For 15 seconds, your bow is replaced with an arrow that deals 7 damage on hit. Getting 5 kills with Close Combat will temporarily increase your bow’s power level to III. It will reset on death.
    - 60 second cooldown.

    Eagle Eye (costs 12,000 coins)
    - For the next 5 seconds, all arrows will automatically lock on if they come within 3 blocks of a player’s hitbox.
    - 60 second cooldown.

    - The items (diamond sword and bow) represent the two classes I had created (assassin and archer).
    - The green panes represent any upcoming classes.
    - The arrows can be used to go to the next page of classes if there will be any.
    - Hovering your cursor over the emerald will display how many classes you have unlocked (unlockedClasses/totalClasses) and the amount of coins you have.

    After clicking on a class, you will be taken to a page that looks like this:
    - Hovering your cursor over the diamond sword at the top will display what class you are looking viewing.
    - Hovering your cursor over the paper will display your stats for that class (kills, deaths, kdr, wins, loses, wlr).
    - Click on the anvil will allows you to change the edit the layout of your kit's inventory. But, you cannot remove armor or put items into your non-hotbar inventory slots.
    - Clicking on the emerald block will take you to the skill shop for that class.
    - Clicking the arrow will take you back to the previous page.

    After clicking the emerald block, you will be taken to a page that looks like this:
    - Hovering your cursor over the diamond sword at the top will display what class you are currently viewing.
    - The iron, gold, and diamond block represent the order of skills (iron being base, gold being secondary, and diamond being third).
    - The items below represent the skills. Clicking on one of them will take you to a confirmation page. Clicking YES (probably going to be represented by a green clay block) will buy you the skill. Clicking NO (probably going to be represented by a red clay block) will take you back to this page.
    - Clicking the arrow will take you back to the previous page.

    Possible map ideas for your Minigame:
    For Domination maps, they’d be a bit bigger than the TNT Wizard maps so 5 capturing points will fit into the map, while still being relatively small for player encounters.TDM maps would be either the size as the TNT Wizard maps or smaller since the gamemode is based around player encounters and fighting.

    The spawn should be inaccessible from the outside. If enemy players try to go in, they will be instantly killed. If ranged enemy players try to shoot from the outside, their projectiles will not be able to pass through the exit of the spawn. Only players of the same team can re-enter their spawn. They can also attack enemy players from their spawn to hopefully decrease attempts at spawn killing. After exiting the spawn FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER RESPAWNING, players will receive a 3 second spawn protection before being able to be damaged.

    In the map itself, there should be high points in the map (like mountains, trees, balconies, etc) for ranged classes, but have multiple ways of getting up so they cannot just camp one entrance/exit.

    The actual battleground should be relatively flat, but there can be dips here and there just for terrain difficulty to be added into fights. There should also be structures to protect against ranged classes (trees, pillars, etc).

    Possible Achievements for this minigame:
    Hero Hunter I: Kill 100 players. ~5ap
    Hero Hunter II: Kill 250 players. ~10ap
    Hero Hunter III: Kill 500 players. ~15ap
    Hero Hunter IV: Kill 1000 players. ~20ap
    Hero Hunter V: Kill 2000 players. ~25ap

    Big Winner I: Win 50 games. ~5ap
    Big Winner II: Win 100 games. ~10ap
    Big Winner III: Win 250 games. ~15ap
    Big Winner IV: Win 500 games. ~20ap
    Big Winner V: Win 1000 games. ~25ap

    No Longer Ranged: Win a game as Archer with over 12 kills from Close Combat. ~10ap
    Breaking Vision: Blind 3 players at once with one Flashback.
    - Kill 20 players in TDM: 1000 coins & 2000 exp
    - Help claim 10 capture points in Point Capture: 1000 coins & 2000 exp
    - Win a total of 3 games: 1500 coins & 2500 exp

    - Kill a total of 250 players: 2000 coins & 3000 exp
    - Win a game of TDM with 3 times as much kills than deaths.
    - Get 5 powerups in a single game.
    - Capture a point while there is an enemy standing on it.
    - Capture all points at least once in a single game of Point Capture.
    - Kill a player from more than 50 blocks away.

    Any additional information or final notes you wish to include:
    Thank you all for reading through everything if you have. If I have forgotten to mention anything, please let me know and I will edit it. Also, I want to leave coin gain (from kills and wins) to the devs so they can balance the game. Again, thank you all for reading through everything if you have.

    If you are against my idea, please explain why so I can edit it to your preference.

    If you’re down here looking for a TL;DR, there isn’t one. Read the damn thread.

    Hypixel Server
    So you're currently able to search for Houses either by the certain category it's in or if it's featured, but I was thinking why not be able to search Houses by the owner?

    Sometimes, there's these random people who come into the house I'm currently in and decide to advertise their house or their friend's house. I sometimes want to check it out just for fun and see if it's as good as they say. You could always just skim through pages trying to find the owner, but it's just way too time consuming.

    When you view the page to join another person's house, there will be a new option in the bottom row represented by the stick. It's just a place holder and can be changed to something else.
    When you hover your mouse over it, it will read "Search by owner." When you click it, a message in the chat will pop up saying "Please type in a username to travel to their house." You would then just type in the username as a normal message, but it won't show in chat.

    If successful, you will be teleported to the user's house as normal.
    If the house is private, a message will pop up saying "This user's house is private. You can not enter."
    If the player doesn't exist, a message will pop up saying "That user does not exist."

    While this isn’t originally my idea (forgot who made it), I’m going to add it in because I really liked the idea.

    So in Warlords, you’re able to use multiple skills, but you can’t change the order of which they’re organized. Some people like using the scroll wheel on the mouse more than clicking the number keys, well I do at least. It’d be nice to be able to organize your skills of each class.

    Editing the layout of a class is specifically for that class. It will not affect the layout of other classes. Putting this is just incase.

    On the normal class screen, there would be an option to edit your class layout, represented by the usual anvil. It can be found to the right of the emerald located in the lowest row of the HUD.

    Once you click it, you'll be taken to a page that looks like this:

    You'll be able to edit it and rearrange the items. Upon exiting the HUD, your layout will be autosaved. You can always go back to edit it again if you want to.

    [original thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/karma-ideas.1327640/]

    Karma, the stuff that we get for saying GG at the end of a game. Currently, it has no uses other than being a number used for bragging about how “kind” you are. That is something I would like to change. Today, I bring you some ideas of how to make it more useful or fun.

    The Karma Well is a Soul Well style lottery that will be placed somewhere in the main lobby, preferably somewhere near the spawning area so people can easily access it. Instead of an end portal though, it will be an enchantment table, and it will be surrounded by decoration blocks such as bookshelves and brewing potions to give it a magical style (because I usually associate the color purple with magic and when you receive karma, it’s in purple letters). There will be a Fortune Teller NCP behind the table just for show, but if you are to right click her, she will say “Right click this table before you to receive a reward for your good deeds.”

    Upon right clicking the table, it will open a gui with 4 options: Roll, Change Roll Count, Change Luck, and Exit.
    Roll: Click the Role button to role at the cost of 10,000 karma. After clicking, it will have a Soul Well style rolling animation in the gui. Other players will just see the table releasing purple particles as you or anyone else rolls.
    Change Roll Count: Left click the Change Roll Count button to increase the amount of rolls you do at one, at the max of five. Right click to lower to the minimal of one. For every roll you add or take out, the 10,000 is added or removed for each roll.
    Change Luck: If you have some karma to spare, you can use the Change Luck button to increase the luck of your roll`, but for the cost of extra karma. Left clicking once will increase the chances of getting an epic or legendary item to 1.5x for the overall role cost of 15,000, clicking again will increase to 2.0x for 20,000, then 2.5x for 25,000, and maxing at 3.0x for 30,000. Right clicking will lower the chance multiplier and lower the cost, going to the original amount.
    Exit: Self explanatory. Clicking Exit will take you out of the gui.

    From this well, you can get a variety of cosmetic items. Here some examples:

    - Random 1-5 star boxes that all ranks can open. The higher rank you have, the better chances you have at getting better boxes.
    - 1-5 Mystery Dust

    - Random 3-5 star boxes that all ranks can open. The higher rank you have, the better chances you have at getting better boxes.
    - Karma Gun Gadget (Projectile): Golden horse armour that sprays purple particles like a flamethrower. Spray lasts for 3 seconds. Has a 5 second cooldown after the 3 seconds.
    - Fortune Teller Hat: Same skin as the Fortune Teller behind the table.
    - Karma Booster: 1-hour 2x booster for karma (does NOT work for karma by tips). Can be activated by clicking a new section in the Booster menu that takes you to all the Karma Boosters you have.

    - Animated Karma Hat: Basically just a sparkly and glittery purple ball you can put on your head.

    - Good Karma Wings Cloak: Angel wings made of white particles, with bits of purple radiating up from them.
    - Bad Karma Wings Cloak: Demon wings made of black and dark grey particles, with bits of purple radiating up from them.
    - Karma Banner: A purple, magenta, and black banner used to show that you’ve been kind in your games (probably). I do not have a design for this but I can try make a banner and show it if people want.

    More ideas can be suggested by the community.

    There would be a new command call /karmagive. This command would be for giving players that may have done good a bit of karma (20 to be exact). After sending karma, the receiver will get a message like this: “Reason for giving karma. ~sender’s username”
    /karmagive (playername)
    After typing this command, a GUI will open with options on why to give karma and the message the receiver will get (item name will be replaced by the reason and the description will show the message). Here are some examples:
    - Teammate: “Thank you for good teammate!”
    - Helpful: “Thank you for helping me out!”
    - Leader: “Thank you for leading our team!”

    If people think that this will be abused (even though it’s just karma), a limit can be put on it like being able to give karma 5 times a day.

    Something that lots of people find milestone worthy is having lots of karma. Because of this, why not add an achievement for total amounts of karma received? Note that I said TOTAL, not CURRENT, meaning the total amount of karma that you’ve received overtime including the amount you spent.

    You’ve Done Good I - Gain a total of 250,000 karma. +5ap
    You’ve Done Good II - Gain a total of 500,000 karma. +10ap
    You’ve Done Good III - Gain a total of 1,000,000 karma. +15ap
    You’ve Done Good IV - Gain a total of 5,000,000 karma. +20ap
    You’ve Done Good V - Gain a total of 10,000,000 karma. +25ap

    I don’t know about you, but I really loved the Adventure Lobby. That got me thinking, what will happen when other gamemodes die out or have to be shut down. We will miss them greatly. So, I thought, why not have a “memorial page” in the compass for games that have been removed or discontinued. I know it isn’t the most useful thing out there, but it would be a nice nostalgia generator for veteran players.

    In the main menu, there will be arrows at the bottom of the page.

    Upon clicking the arrow to go right, you'll be taken to this page:
    This is where you can find the items that represented the game. When you hover over the item, it will display the name and a note saying "We are sorry to inform you that this gamemode has been discontinued." Also, if it had stats, it will display them as well. The main things it will show are coins, kills, wins, or anything else important enough for it.

    Clicking the left arrow or exiting and reopening the HUD will take you back to the first page.

    [Original Thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/sanic-passive-ideas-onion-shockwave-and-ring-trail.1309628/]

    Since lots of people think that Sanic's passive is pretty much useless, I've came up with some ideas to make it a bit more powerful. With my ideas, the onion ring count no longer restarts on ult activation but rather on passive activation. Also, even though I have two ideas, I'm not saying Sanic should have both. You guys choose which you like better or none if you like neither.

    These are very basic ideas that I came up with on the spot at 5-6 in the morning. If I missed any information that you want to see, let me know. Also, if you don't quite see my vision, I can draw out a rough sketch of what they will look like.

    Onion Shockwave
    Upon doing your first double jump, you drop 8 of your current Onion Rings (one going in each direction, similar to Tin's overload).

    Cost: 8 Onion Rings
    Activation: First double jump ONLY (second one is a normal jump).
    Damage: 2 for each Ring
    Projectile Speed: That of Onion Ring Cannon
    KB: That of Tin's primary

    Ring Trail
    Upon doing a Spin Dash, you drop 16 of your current Onion Rings behind you in your trail. The animation will be the same as how you pick them up, except others will be damage by them if they collide.

    Cost: 16 Onion Rings
    Activation: Spin Dash
    Damage: 1 for each Ring
    Projectile Speed: None (they just spawn in for the same time length as you see them when you're collecting them)
    KB: That of Cluck's primary

    [Original Thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/mutes-a...ng-messaged-by-friends.1313914/#post-10649368]

    Hello everyone and today I bring up the topic of mutes. When you're muted, you cannot talk in any chat (public, party, guild, or pms). I want to talk about pms. Sometimes when you're muted, someone on your friends list might decide to message you. After awhile of them not getting a response back (because you have no choice), they might get the impression that you're ignoring them and they might end up unfriending you. There is a very simple way to avoid this from happening: Whenever you get messaged by a friend, have a message appear on the message's screen saying that the person they're trying to message is currently muted. This is a very simple thing that has the possibility to keep friendships secure.

    Now, before anyone, specifically staff, brings up the fact that is can be considered sharing punishment information or be considered public shaming, I have one arguement and one suggestion.

    Argument: The people are on your friends list.
    The only people that will see this message are the people that are on your friends list, meaning you're friends with them (unless you add literally anyone in which case it's your fault) and friends usually don't publicly shame friends.

    Suggestion: Make it toggleable.
    If you still believe friends like to publicly shame friends, then here's my suggestion: Make it toggleable. Have it as an option in the player settings to enable or disable "Automated Mute Response." This way, it can be the player's choice to have the message show, meaning they choose whether or not to risk the chance of public shaming.

    Original Thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/rewards-card-update-ideas-added-drop-rates.954843/#content

    I know this isn't the top priority for staff right now, with the new game coming and staff applications reopening soon, I understand that this is a newer feature to the server. But, it is greatly loved by the community, so why not make some suggestions for it?

    New Items
    Before I go into my own ideas, Speed UHC and SkyClash coin cards should be the first priority if there is to be an update for the cards. I'll let staff deal with the amounts for them to make it balanced.
    *Boosters last for 1 hour and have a 3x multiplier.

    Epic: 1 booster
    Legendary: 3 boosters
    Legendary/Mythic: Black Pug

    My reasoning for suggesting this is because its available through crafted mystery boxes, so it couldn't hurt to make it possible in cards, but the highest tier of course.
    Common: 3 packets
    Rare: 5 packets
    Epic: 10 packets
    Legendary: 15 packets
    Common: 5 broken weapons
    Rare: 10 broken weapons
    Epic: 16 broken weapons
    Legendary: 24 broken weapons

    "Veteran" Rewards
    By veteran, I mean players that currently have a streak of 100+. If someone is willing to get that high of a streak, I think they deserve some kind of reward for doing so. I'm not saying that just so I can get more free stuff. Heck, the highest I've gotten is 16 days.

    Important Note! Veteran Rewards can only be claimed once!

    Streak of 100
    - 5 five-star mystery boxes (all can open regardless of rank, like the Hypixel leveling rewards)
    - 1 three-hour 3x personal booster
    - Increased chance of getting better cards
    Common: 60%
    Rare: 30%
    Epic: 8%
    Legendary: 2%
    - Token Master gesture (movement that represents celebration; heads used for the reward tokens float around the player)
    - 1 extra token every 9-day-streak claim

    Streak of 200
    - 5 five-star mystery boxes (all can open regardless of rank)
    - 2 three-hour 3x personal boosters
    - Increase chance of getting better cards
    Common: 50%
    Rare: 35%
    Epic: 10%
    Legendary: 5%
    - Token Master Suit (head used for reward token; remaining armor slots with golden armor) ~ block directly below your feet turn to gold for 1.5 seconds before returning to normal, basically a trail.
    - 2 extra tokens every 9-day-streak claim

    People sometimes get really "excited" about a thread if they see the Admin Shield on it and will try to scroll through every post to try and find it. This can be a bit time consuming if the thread has many pages, so I thought of some solutions.

    1. Clicking the shield will open the thread to the first admin reply.

    2. Clicking the shield will allow you to view the thread and only see the main thread and admin posts. All other posts will not show and will seem they're ignored. Leaving and rejoining the thread or click the "View Ignored Content" button at the bottom with reveal the rest of the posts.

    3. When you join a thread, the page number that has the admin's reply could be a different color to let people easily find it.

    For all you players out there who love making huge threads, whether for a suggestion, opinion, or something else, you know where I’m coming from.

    When you copy and paste something from a website or program that’s not the forums, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, every place you clicked [enter] or [return] will come out as double spaced, making the thread or comment you post unnecessarily longer. It takes, maybe not a lot, but a good amount of time to go through your entire post and delete all the extra [enter]’s.

    This might not be the biggest problem on our hands at the moment, but if it could be fixed, it could save some people lots of time.

    I also understand if this is unfixable. I don’t know how difficult it is to do something like this.

    Now days, getting Well-known member is basically a walk in the park. Post farming or like spamming can easily get someone to Well-known member. So, I was thinking why not have another forum rank? This one would be much more difficult to get, oppose to Well-known member. Before I get into the actual rank, I should probably go over new forum achievements that could be added for achievement points so you can get the new rank.

    Here are our current achievements.
    Here are some ideas that I have for new achievements.
    Right now, 1000 posts OR 250 likes (63 trophy points) are needed for Well-known member. This new rank will require 10000 posts, 5000 likes, 15 bug ratings, and being apart of the forums for 2 years (226 Trophy Points in pretty sure). I did say it was gonna be much more difficult to get.

    [Original Thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/forums-...te-yt-folders-in-different-subforums.1119250/]

    So, as many of you probably know, the YouTube Showcase section isn't the most active subforum here. Due to the sheer lack of attention it gets, I have an idea that could possibly revive YouTube advertisement on the forums.

    If you all quickly go and look at the Builders' Lounge, Code Creation, PTL, and Classic Lobby subforums, they all have something in common: folders. These folders are used to keep the subforums organized. My idea involves these folders.

    In each game section, there would be a folder labeled "YouTube Showcase". I think you all know where this is going. In those folders, players will be able to post their YouTube videos of them playing the specific game. There could also be folders in Server Discussion (for just general Hypixel videos or videos of all games) and in Off Topic (for non-Hypixel or general gaming videos).

    With my idea however, there will no longer be a need for the YouTube Showcase section, which is why I say either lock the section, archive it and place it somewhere, or just remove it all together.

    Yes, yes. I know. Hypixel is a minigame server. Yet, for some reason, they still have their creative lobby, but at a different IP. Why not do this with other desired gamemodes, like Skyblock or Survival?

    This could bring more people in and raise Hypixel’s popularity. Ranks can transfer over (if possible) and players that wanted to try something other than minigames, but stay with Hypixel, would then be able to do so.

    My only concerns with this are expensive cost and splitting the player base, which Hypixel doesn’t like too much. This idea is very “unstable” and not thought through too much, so I don’t expect it to happen any time soon.


    - Removed personal booster from Support Rank (1-14-2017)
    - Added Admind Reply Quickfind suggestion (1-14-2017)
    - Changed requirement for Elder rank to 50 followers instead of 5 (1-16-17)
    - Removed mystic tier & items from reward cards (1-16-17)
    - Added "increased token claim" to reward card veteran perks (1-16-17)
    - Added Donation Category suggestion - by @Knight33 (1-16-17)
    - Removed Supporter Rank suggestion (1-25-17)
    - Removed Donation Category, Personal Boosters, and Rules: Update suggestions (6-13-17)
    - Changed Elder Rank to Veteran Rank (6-13-17)
    - Added Hero Factory, Forum Game Section, and YouTube Showcase Revamp suggestions (6-13-17)
    - Removed Ideas by other people section (8-5-17)
    - Changed requirements for Veteran Rank and added some new forum achievements (8-6-17)
    - Forum Game Section idea has been accepted (8-9-17)
    - Changed requirements for Veteran Rank and removed from forum achievements (8-18-17)
    - Added Sanic Passive Redo suggestion (8-25-17)
    - Added Automated Mute Message suggestion (8-27-17)

    [Original Thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/forum-game-section.1161692/]

    Gonna make this short and sweet since I'm on mobile and it's 9:30pm.

    Recently I've seen a huge increase in forum games being created. The waves of games are literally flushing down all the actual threads that might have some discussion worthy things. This has been asked of before, but now is a time when we really need it.

    I want demand a folder labeled "Forum Games" to be placed in off topic. What folder you may be asking? Well, take the PTL section for example. The PTL games (as well as the Archived games) are put into folders that are in the overall section, PTL.

    Adding one of these folders into off topic for forum games would help immensely with organizing off topic and allowing for easier thread searching.

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  2. 506884

    506884 Well-Known Member

    So all pretty sweg ideas, I think housing needs to be updated badly, the rules do need to be updated and I like all the forum stuff.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017
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  3. Plochem

    Plochem Well-Known Member

    Chimera CHIMERA
    Reserved cuz i'm gonna take an hour to read this lol

    Just one thing before i read this. @Tactful said that the admins aren't interested in having new forum ranks. He told me this when i had an idea for a new forum rank 2 months ago.
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  4. Alright, let's do the feedback:

    Is it an arcade minigame or a single game?
    Not sure if it could be fixed, but it should be fine if so
    Good, But imo the name should be changed (since it sounds like I'm too old for the forums :p )

    If Housing would get updated...

    Hypixel didn't really want to make a new rank, but if they did, it would be a rank above mvp+. Also:
    This is against the EULA, since you get more coins for buying something.

    Would be fine if they added the hidden rules

    Not really necessary imo

    I don't think this would be added, since Hypixel wants people to keep playing (similiar as why they don't add daily rewards on the site)

    This kinda ruins the rarity aspect of the whole server (everything on the whole server has the common/uncommon/rare/epic/legendary rarity
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  5. It's a single game.

    If someone can suggest a better name, I'll be happy to change it.

    Yeah, I know, but I figure why not make a temporary rank.

    And for the boosters, I realize that now. I'll take them out.

    I know it's not necessary, but its a cool and original idea.

    It's a bit unfair for people who HAVE to leave though. I know where you're coming from, but it kind of makes personal boosters a bit "useless" for busy people.

    I was hesitant about adding a new tier, which is why I made non-mystic items and percentages. If enough people choose to have it removed, I will take it away.
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  6. Neshie

    Neshie Well-Known Member

    Reserved for later.

    This is going to take some time for me to read and love to give my response.


    Edit: let's begin.

    The mob rpg is really good. I'm not sure how warlord can make a great connection with mobs. Everything else sounds interesting.

    Oh so that's what the shield means.... Sure I don't mind.

    I don't support the elder rank.

    I would like new achievements, but hopefully it won't increase spammers and necroing.

    Having new gamemodes would be pretty bland because it involves a community that will have a money , shop features. It's like battling for the top in my opinion.

    I support the name searching - takes me forever to find my friend house lol.

    Similar response to the elder rank - nope :/

    For the memorial idea it would be better if there was a video attached to these past gamemodes. I support.

    Personal booster I'm nuetral.

    I'll support the new rewards card.

    Donation category support.

    I'm currently rushing with stuff irl so I'll try my best to add in more later and clear up my response
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  7. IcyClover

    IcyClover Well-Known Member

    Cool ideas, long post :p
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  8. This is just amazing!
    First, they need to fix this:
    Epic 100 Skywars Souls is more common than Common 3,000 Smash Heroes coins.
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  9. I luv this idea
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  10. nice

    you might want to tag admins so that they see this
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  11. I might do it later once I get more feedback and can fix things up.
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  12. B u m p
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  13. good luck with the thread :)

    my favourite idea is the admin quickfind
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  14. Amazing ideas, I'd love to see a lot of these added. You have put a lot of thought and effort into many of these. My favorites are the dungeon game and the reward cards :)
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  15. This is amazing..... How much time did it take you got this :p
    Are you gonna add stuff for all games? Or is this the final draft.
    All of your ideas are quite good, just noticed tho that for elder member you need only 5 followers. That's really easy to get tbh compared to the other reqs. Maybe make it tiered, like 5, 10, 20, and 50. With 50 being required for elder. Also, keep the posts at 10k. It should be rare to see an elder member ;)
    I would love to see a dungeon game tbh. It's quite rare to see a mc dungeon styled game, and I was always interested in those types of games. It would be amazing if they made this using the infinity project data. Imagine a long term styled dungeon game :eek:
    Out of curiosity, how long would each room take to complete in your current setup?
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  16. Well I started on January first and just gradually worked things up when I had ideas and time.

    I will continue adding things if I have a spark of inspiration. I may have posted the thread, but that doesn't mean I can't add more.

    Ok, I will keep it at 10k posts and increase the follower need.

    What do you mean by long-term? Do you mean like an open-ended rpg? As much as I'd like to see one of Hypixel, I doubt the devs would implement it since it would seem like a pve factions.

    Well, rooms would gradually get more difficult, meaning they would gradually start taking more time. I haven't thought of an exact mob count for rooms yet though.
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  17. Despite my laziness, I've went ahead and actually skim through the whole thing. If I don't quote a part from a section it means I either agree or I don't have anything to use as a rebuttal. Just keep in mind that I give you and everyone involved credit on a job well done on this thread! In short, don't take anything personally. Just a fair warning in case. ;)
    What about those who are blacklisted from ranks?

    There are some servers that have an actual donation category for those who want to support the server financially but without any rewards or perks in return. It's strange why Hypixel doesn't have a real donation option in their store. If people wanted perks at a cheaper price then they could wait for a big sale or do some currency conversion shenanigans.

    Implementing a subscription based rank would deeply upset those who have already purchased lifetime rank(s) especially if the rank has exclusive perks that not even MVP+ have access to. On the opposite end, why pay $10 for a temporary rank when for $5-$15 more you can have a rank for life and have a lot more perks as well.

    I get it, you love being non and proud but wouldn't it be hypocritical if you were to pay for a rank even temporarily anyways? Just add a donation option for those who don't want ranks/perks but want to contribute to Hypixel.
    Let me say that I do would want something like this to be implemented. Now with that said, lets be realistic. Money, Hypixel wants needs it. The players, they provide it. It has been tougher and tougher for Hypixel to adapt over the years in order to stay financially stable. Especially with the EULA started being more enforced Hypixel needs to use any and every trick there is to make up for lost profits.

    Personal boosters are now only earned via level-up rewards at certain intervals. These boosters give the general populous a taste of the benefits of boosts. Once they are used up, they are gone. To acquire more would be possible either leveling-up or purchase server boosters from the Hypixel store. Meaning, more players would be enticed to play more and/or make purchases.

    The personal boosters themselves say that it will last a set amount of time, so the user is disclosed on what would happen if they activate them. Personal boosters, unused, don't expire. It is up to the player to decide if they can be satisfied with thirty minutes if that is all the time they have available or wait until a time that they know they can play for a full hour to get the most out of their booster(s). Life happens to everyone and accidents happen, I completely understand this. It is the risk you take when you activate a booster.
    Again, let me first say that since day one I've loved the daily reward card system! This is an awesome and impressive feature that Hypixel has added to entice players to be active and reward them for playing.

    There already is a nine day streak reward that gives them a reward token that can be redeemed for another try. Compared to a once per 100 streak reward; I would rather enjoy having eleven extra chances every nine days instead. All there is really is a very slight increase in a single chance of rarer cards to appear. Not worth as much as reward tokens in the end really.

    Mythic rarity? Is 1% not rewarding enough? Why not a super-dooper-uber-mega-ultra-mythical-mystical-magical-swag-MLG-sloth rarity that is 0.0000000000000000000001% and it gives you a golden statue of your skin that you can put in your housing and is a gadget that the statue would fall from the heavens and flattens players in a 12x12 area in front of you then fireworks and music goes off and a hologram message saying "My reward is better and rarer than yours!"
    Exaggeration aside, I'm not a fan of altering the epic rarity ratio just to shoehorn in another neigh-possible rarity. Let legendaries stay legendary.
    Overall, the ideas that involve fixing current issues, improving user experiences, and the small things that are for everyone are awesome and well thought out! Behind these modest suggestions are several demands that mainly intend on boasting one's self-esteem and to flaunt themselves of their achievements. We get it, everyone wants attention and to be seen a special. Don't rely on materialism, do it yourself on your own.
    I may add more in the future, but no promises. Please, if anything that is said has rustled your jimmies then either learn to accept other's opinions or private message me about it if it bothered you so much. No hard feelings towards anyone. :)
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  18. Fair enough. Guess a donation category is what I was really trying to do. Not sure why I didn't just put that instead :p I guess I thought that people would only decide to pay money if it gave them something in return.

    And maybe that's why I want to be a non. I do want to donate money, but I don't want anything in return for it.

    I figured that if players are willing to do participate in the reward card system for over 100 days, they should deserve some sort of reward. I might change add more perks for it like an increase in tokens every 9 days.

    Yeah, I took a risk in suggesting a new tier. I'll probably remove it later.
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  19. maybe instead of Elder Members requiring 10,000 posts & 50 followers, it can require 5,000 posts, 50 followers, & maybe some staff ratings?

    I suggest 3 helper lapis, but you can change it if you want
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  20. -Caden

    -Caden Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    "for people like me who want to have a rank but don’t want it forever."
    (sorry I accidentally deleted the quote things)

    This makes you come across as one of those people who are proud that they don't have a rank.
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