Does jitter clicking cause Carpal Tunnel?

  1. Yes, lol xd

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  2. No.

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  3. what the hell is jitter clicking..

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  1. AllyMcC

    AllyMcC Well-Known Member

    Puns PUNS
    That's what I meant, if it hurts whenever you do it then you should quit. Pain is your body's way of telling you stop doing whatever you're doing.
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  2. The number of idiots in this thread, Jitter clicking doesn't hurt or harm you in any way, and it won't affect you in the long run in a BAD way..
    Jitter clicking is basically going to the Gym, It actually is tbh, It works out the same muscles as a lot of Gym equipment and has nothing to do with Bones or Pockets or Joints or any term you guys are throwing around, It is just flexing your arms, Flex, Go on, Do it, Cause it won't give you cancer now will it, and if you think Jitter clicking is bad for you then stop moving cause it's the EXACT SAME THING as lifting a bucket of water or a Kettle or a Toaster or a TV or anything slightly heavy, It's just in a different position and it will not hurt you in the long run, it's building your muscles like going to the gym so obv it will hurt when you do it but so will lifting a F***ing TV, Unless you're strong then jitter clicking wont hurt at all or as much since your muscles will be used to that..
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  3. thank you

    Not always tho, when you exercise like with weights your arms hurt but it doesn't mean ur gonna die or something
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  4. If it hurts while you work out you don't stop, When working out you do it to failure, This is common knowledge and the same thing I do while jittering, I don't stop jittering till my arm just gives, wait 30 seconds and do it all again and it's helped ALOT.
  5. There’s a major difference between being exhausted and out of breath and being in actual pain. Jitterclicking affects you negatively in the long run.
  6. I'm not a doctor or anything but I doubt constant repeated movement for long periods can be good for your bones & muscles. I didn't watch the video so I'm entirely sure what the debate is about but that's my input.
  7. IcyClover

    IcyClover Well-Known Member

    If it's "exercise" pain that you feel when jitter clicking, then the pain should be mainly in your arm. Your hands actually contain very little muscle, so when you move your wrist or fingers, the muscles in your arm are doing most of the work.

    If your wrist hurts, then that is a bad sign. If it's a wrist that hurts, you will need to rest until playing does not hurt it anymore.

    No, no no no no NO. That is NOT how you exercise, unless you're a super body builder, but even then you have to be careful.

    If a body part of yours completely just gives out and stops working, then that means you've worked it way too much already. It needs rest for at least a day. The physical stress that you put your body through should be met with rest and relaxation. Otherwise, there are loads of side affects that can appear, fatigue and depression being a few symptoms. The worst case scenario is that there are so many tears in your muscle, the muscle never completely recovers. There have been many cases of athletes losing their ability to function for long periods of time because they strained their muscles too much. Your arm is no different.

    You may love gaming, but your body's health is more important. Don't ignore what it tells you.
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  8. Working your self to failure is the most efficient way to build muscle, I think you misinterpret exactly what I mean by "To Failure" I have spent a huge chunk of my life researching muscle development for my own personal reasons and rehabilitation, I know when I'm being over-worked and when I over-train, and jitter-clicking does not impact my body in a negative way, if I already had a problem Jitter-Clicking would only help me realize there was a problem but it will not be the thing that actually causes it..
  9. IcyClover

    IcyClover Well-Known Member

    But not everyone has done that research, and not everyone has a body that is used to working over-time with minimal breaks. Not everyone is aware of when that pain line becomes dangerous.

    I thought you were saying something along the lines of "keep going even when your body gives up." Which does have consequences, especially for people who haven't been conditioned for strenuous activity.

    As I've said before, Jitter clicking might not cause problems. If you aren't experiencing any problems, then that is good. But I still believe that there is a correlation between jitter clicking, or at least gaming in general, and problems like carpal tunnel. You can never tell what something might lead to in the future. As quite a few people have said, moderation applies to everything, and too much of anything is bad.
  10. It can still affect your ability to use your arm. It still is putting strain on your arm which could lead to other issues. Maybe not carpal tunnel, but it will most certainly cause damage. That's why intensive or extensive gaming really isn't a good idea if you want to retain proper functionality of your body.
  11. Well it's exercising yeah everything you do shouldn't be done so much but I don't play like on weekdays so only on weekends so it wont cause harm

    Yeah but it shouldn't hurt you if you are doing the right way
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  12. Okay. Tell me please how jitter clicking works and the kind of movement involved. Tell me.
  13. yup it hurts a bit but I keep getting better and better every day

    It's when you vibrate your arm very fast. You do this too without knowing when your holding something heavy like a tv. jitterclicking is when you basically tense up your arm to make it vibrate really fast to get more clicks a seconds (cps). Now it's done internally you can get carpal tunnel from like using a jack hammer THAT'S DIFFERENT FROM JITTERING. jitter clicking has nothing to do with wrist movement and everything to with higher muscles
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  14. Ranebow

    Ranebow Well-Known Member

    HypeW H
    jitter clicking does harm your body, i wouldn't do it
  15. https://www.healthline.com/symptom/muscle-rigidity
  16. Jack hammer is external vibration now that causes carpal tunnel but jitter clicking doesnt

    Proof? Send me a medical report about it

    https://www.healthline.com/symptom/muscle-rigidity this isnt even about jitter clicking

    Muscle rigidity is one of the most common causes of muscle pain. It’s characterized by the inability of the muscles to relax normally. The condition can affect any of the muscles in the body, causing sharp pain that makes it difficult to move. Muscle rigidity is also known as muscle tension, rigor, or stiffness" What lol what do you mean I jitter and I can relax my muscles

    "Muscle rigidity occurs when a muscle or groups of muscles stays contracted or partly contracted for an extended period. The brain continues to send nerve signals telling the muscle to contract even when the muscle is no longer needed for movement. This can sometimes last for several hours or days. The longer your muscle remains contracted, the more pain you’ll feel."

    Contracted meaning: Muscle contraction is the activation of tension-generating sites within muscle fibers. ... Therefore, neither length nor tension is likely to remain the same in muscles that

    thats caused when you're like using a jack hammer or something tho. Jack hammer is external and jittering in internal

    When you jitter click it's your entire arm that's moving NOT YOUR WRIST

    Also normal clicking could be worst because when you normally your carpal tunnel is aggravated more your wrist is moving
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  17. It does cause carpal tunnel I used to jitter click and now I can't do it because of the impact it had on my hand lmao. I had to have 2 operations on my hand don't listen to him it does and it's bloody painful as well
  18. When you jitter click it's mostly your arm, a tiny bit of it is your wrist but that shouldn't harm you

    Did you watch the video at all?
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  19. No because I know for a fact it cause carpal tunnel and/or arthritis. My Mom is a doctor lmao
  20. Watch the video please before you reply. I don't think your mom knows what she's talking about no offence.

    Our bodies are supposed to 'jitter' we do it when we are scared

    You have to be lying because there isn't any medical proof of jitter clicking causing it. Show me proof of it.
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