1. So I decided to learn minecraft modding and was going through the setup and then it starts to give me this error everytime. I have tried all the methods I found on Google to increase JVM memory like creating a file gradle.properties which has 2 GiB of RAM specified there or going into Java properties and whatever I found but none has helped so far.
    I have a Windows 7 machine with 8 gigs of RAM. That should be enough I guess, and Gradle is installed correctly if it has something to do with it.
    Any help regarding this error and how to fix?
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  2. Update: Got it fixed
    Instead of using,
    gradlew setupDecompWorkspace
    I used,
    gradlew setupDevWorkspace eclipse
    Everything works fine now! :)

    EDIT: I just realized that DevWorkspace and DecompWorkspace are different. If you are an another person searching for a solution to this problem. I'd suggest you to visit
    Minecraft Forge and view my solution to the problem.
    Hopefully this helps!
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  3. Dance

    Dance Well-Known Member

    Ugh, I remember modding. On my first few tries, I feel like every time I was greeted by a new error, then fixing that one only lead to more.

    Eventually I got it working, but I can’t say I miss that. :rolleyes:

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