1. this is me when im trying to do something nice...
    this is me when im trying to get a title.... (which because of this message... I WILL GET THAT TITLE)
    this is me when im trying to GET BANNED!!!

    THIS IS YOU WHEN YOU READ THIS!!!! (all of the staff.... YOU BOYS SHOULD BE SWEATIN!!!! apparently the red bull wasn't enough to get you boys in gear...

    if you watch this video and release something NEW**** (LIKE DUNGEONS... WHAT YOU BOYS PROMISED)

    heres some motivation... and if you choose not to listen... I guess drink more redbull because you owe us... THE CONSUMER... some content or some answers... im personally very let down and I really hope this title is nice and shiny like I anticipate....

    no more slam dunks until I see some SLAM DUNK CONTENT... PLEASE BAN ME!!!!! I WANT MY CAPE!!!!

    and I thought it was memes for an ILLENIUM!!
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  4. how is this man not banned yet
  5. Yet fartnut is dyin lol
    if you play fartnut then you r a beta male
  6. Because I’m admin of adnims you “pro”
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  7. Oh no not a thumbs down from a “pro”
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  8. I get the hypixel server is busy and all but went is the next major update coming?
  9. Literally never
  10. F
  11. JamesChungus

    JamesChungus New Member

    give pets patch notes ok tysm <3
  12. oof
  13. Fortnite’s bad
  14. Vemaster1

    Vemaster1 New Member

    when can every one without a rank get into sky block
  15. Bdiamondaxe

    Bdiamondaxe New Member

    I was wondering how much longer if you had to guess Skyblock will be closed to non-ranked players?
  16. my frames are destroyed after spooky event ended and 80ppl shooting at bat piniatas
  17. Les quería preguntar a que hora abre skyblock ???
  18. robertmorfin

    robertmorfin New Member


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