1. I don't usually play on housing, but okay, this is epic.
  2. I think you should do something about banners as well, for example make a few of them that are rather simple to get like, finding them in mystery boxes or buying them with dust in housing, even dull banners with 1 color could add a lot to detailing.
  3. All I do in housing is Parkour so thats lit
  4. best guide
  5. ChicksPlayz

    ChicksPlayz Active Member

    hype, but fix the 30 guest glitch (when it changes to a mega server, it tps everyone back to spawn)
  6. You can toggle on save locations to fix that!
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  7. ChicksPlayz

    ChicksPlayz Active Member

    oh yeah thx for reminding me :p
  8. 1. player saving was useful for pks!
    2. .... make it fully useful pl0x
    3.wait theres a toggle?
    4.what? seriously wuts the point
    5.great ouo
    6.perfect for lone wolf rpers
    7.but still no levers :/
    8.wait who gave you the guest build idea?
    9.whats the point?
    10. read what i said for 6
    11. yay lag
    12.for hecks sake just bring back the custom heads glitch
    13. not fixed, get it right pls [no offense]
    14. yet we still dont have that thing where go to social mode and it glitch a lil
    16. whattttt
  9. I can't seem to find the "3x3 slime launch pad" anywhere x_x

    Am I looking in the wrong place or what?
    I really want to see it!
  10. Sorry but at the moment it is very buggy for me and doesn't show any housings when i pull it up. But another note i see the potential so all i can say is keep up the hard work
  11. You can get the launchpad by placing 3x3 slimes and it will activate
  12. Tysm, I kinda all ready asked a MOD what to do when I was looking for staff so I decided that I might was well ask him :D
    Thanks anyways :)
  13. I'm so happy we can finally use Pericles and spawn pets in housing now!!
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  14. SoulShadow007

    SoulShadow007 New Member

    I have had a problem getting players on my housing with the new layout, usally I will get about 5 a day, but with the new update, I haven't had any all week. I was wondering if you could fix it
  15. Maybe a function so the Owner can toggle what pet types he want in his housing like, Horses, Wolfs, Cats only etc.

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