1. hey guys I've been hacked, I've been hacked for about a month now and idk if im doing anything bad on this server if u guys or any staff members see me online on hypixel can u ban me because i dont want to be greifing or saying anything bad on this sever just do me a solid and just ban me until i say that i fixed my minecraft account pls respond if u guys know how i could even get my account back. ok thx
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    Sorry but Hypixel staff don't ban on request, since for all they know you could be the hacker trying to get the account banned or something. Just try to regain control of your account as soon as you can.
  3. welp i tried my best
  4. tho like if im like greifing or saying something bad just know its not me
  5. Email mojang
  6. OhToxic

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    Have you tried getting your transaction ID on the email you used to buy the account and email mojang about this?
  7. Check eMail, you'll see the Mojang Email Change alert. Click the link inside to recover.

    Click Forgot Password, reset it, then you're free!

    I got hacked before, this is how I recover my account.

    (Next Method, contact mojang, help.mojang.com)
  8. so heres the thing i tried changing my password but every time i do it keeps on not working and i contacted mojang but they are responding to reports from october 1
  9. did you try changing an optifine cape recently? have you logged in and logged out really fast? did you get your password wrong multiple times?
  10. Contact Mojang at https://help.mojang.com and fill the blank. And wait for a week it should reply with a Mojang Staff.
  11. consoles thank you i did
    no i have not
  12. Change your password
  13. UNDERSTAND THIS what ever hack he put on my account it wont let me change it but thanks for the reply

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