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  1. Dear nons:

    Good god, we sure took out salty pills today, didn't we? I gotta hand it to you guys, I've never seen someone be so upset because the admins are making the gamemode better, and ensuring it runs smoothly. But no, instead, we're seeing a new type of complaining: the ones where instead of just asking when the server will be back online, they've gone to attacking ranked players for USING THE PERKS OF THEIR RANKS, HOW DARE THEY! Please, either go play a another gamemode, or log off. You aren't helping anyone. I mean, we might as well ban all nons for being extremely toxic, and you know I'm right. Just... please... stop. For your own mental health. Thanks.

    Dear Ranked Players:

    I've got a ton of popcorn, feel free to come grab some and watch this shitshow with me. :D
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  2. Aperson6001

    Aperson6001 New Member

    Some of us are patient don't lump us in with the others
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  3. Give me some popcorn, It is entertaining to watch those sh*tty nons posting here
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  4. Poggersninja

    Poggersninja Member

    There’s literally no reason why u can’t shut down the game for everyone lol. If they had no players it’d be as smooth as possible
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  5. you got an extra seat dude? I will join you every day of the week
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  6. Insted

    Insted Member

    Its funny seeing nons acting like crybabys cuz theyre not allowed to play their favourite game for a full on day whilst donators towards the server can
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  7. Aperson6001

    Aperson6001 New Member

    They'd like to keep the server with more players so they are allowing more access ability and its also easier to see if they break smthn
  8. Don't worry, if you're patient, this doesn't apply to you, it's more for those who are spamming the forums with complaining threads...

    Come on over :D

    I believe the words you're looking for is "real time bug testing" Not to mention the entire server is having issues.
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  9. Well, lemme just get a seat, relax, and experience the non vs. rampage war...
  10. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Gods Of Divinity GODS
    I always thought that more forums players could’ve been a solution a lot of the forums problems, it clearly isn’t the case :(
  11. I like taking a seat as a non lmfao, the downtime to me is like watching the forums blow up with bugs and glitches due to the update or fix and its wonderfull xd. Mostly because it isn't me getting bugged out or something so I'll sit here patiently
  12. I like watching the retardedness too, but you always have to address it sometimes.

    You still got popcorn?
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  13. Hey, don't you ranked players D A R E make fun of nubs without us! How could you use the perks of your ranks? NO DIGNITY.
  14. Popcorn does sound pretty good right now...
  15. I could use something to do with a 20 hour car ride ahead of me
  16. We have to now rent an entire Theater featuring [impatient nons vs arragont ranked]
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  17. This shitshow is amazing, and entertaining, but also kinda disappointing to me, considering that it reminds me that I was working on a big ass farm before the servers crashed, and I would love to finish it before I have to stop destroying my sleep schedule.
  18. The one time the admins actually are trying hard to make sure the server stays up and the gamemodes run smoothly there's gonna be people complaining. Let them all on? Whole server crashes, not let ranks on? The whole server will riot. This is the best option so to all nons, buy a rank or deal with it. Vip is on sale anyways.
  19. WaitUp

    WaitUp Member

    Nons, just be patient. As a non myself, I really don’t see what the fuss is all about. Let the admins do their job so that the server can run smoothly. I’n sick and tired of the server lag so please, don’t disturb the admins and do us a favor and shut up.
  20. I kind of like the salty posts tho. They show how many people care about skyblock :D
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