1. Dragapult

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  2. Strange, try concentrating harder to transfer more energy into it, should work.
  3. Zhirst

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    Skyblock Gods SBG
    Try swapping the scythe blades with the sticks, and if that diesnt work try crafting it with 7 scythe blades
  4. hmm weird, maybe make a giant shrine to it and praise it 5 hours a day. Maybe thatll work
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  5. I think you need a stack e diamonds.
  6. Also try screaming at it while you are testing.
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  7. ur zombie 7 and still using a radiant? bro get the damn overflux
  8. Here are the steps:
    Get 64 of these enchanted diamonds
    Then throw them into the void to pray to Kali
    Maybe it will drop you one
  9. thats a flex, u only need 1 scythe blade
  10. Those were 2 blades tho lol. I crafted one and the other is on my ah
  11. It’s actually 2 blades lol
  12. Thanks!
  13. I’m RNGesus; I bless not drop. Only got 2 blades in 179k xp what do you think? I’m lucky? Lmao
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  14. Dragapult

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    @Mynetrix mad because his guild lost rep
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  15. you need 2 stacks
    and zombie level 1
  16. Magyk14

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    Riola RIO
    that is where you are rn... the real posts that actually matter are the patch notes section... but ya know... nothing there since, for ever
  17. dude you are so dumb. Everyone knows that you have to put the top-left blade in the top right crafting slot. smh
  18. Did you try turning it off and back on
  19. Move that left scythe blade to the very right
  20. Wheres the fun in that

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