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    For the past 20 seasons, Ranked Skywars has continued to devolve into a gamemode where cheaters and boosting parties prosper. The gamemode has lost it’s purpose and the exclusivity of these cosmetics only entices more to cheat for the rewards.

    I think it’s in our best interest that we create a system similar to that of the Battle Pass, where people can earn Ranked rewards through gaining Skywars EXP, with Masters and Diamond Division rewards not unlocking until higher tiers (ex: Level 35-40) to compensate for the amount of effort it took the legitimate players to achieve them.
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  2. Personally I think there are more steps to take before removing ranked entirely.

    For example, alts that are used to bhop are an issue. That can be made better by adding a kill requirement to the mode, so the amount of potential alts decreases.

    Closet cheaters are an issue as well, but if the penalties for cheating are made more severe, then it will prevent more people from cheating.

    You get my point. There are still legitimate ranked players, and many players can still get Diamond Division legitimately. There's no need to remove the mode; if you don't like it, don't play.
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  3. They should just add a required statistic like Kill count or Win count before Ranked is accessible.
  4. 5k kills easy fix
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    i remember playing one game of ranked skywars. i was so trash back then, but i still don't feel like playing ranked because of the absolute garbage reputation it has.
  6. Aevr

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    this is the exact reason I don’t play despite wanting the rewards
  7. Yea i agree. Maybe like 2k kills or like 200 wins. That way uts easy ti get but fir people who have thirty accounts its more annoying than anything to grind an account just to get banned every season maybe more
  8. Yeah, and getting banned on an again inhibits your abilities to play Ranked when unbanned.
  9. Ranked skywars is broken but no one knows how to fix it.
  10. A lot of people have been talking about a kill or win requirement to play ranked on this thread. Kill requirement would just be telling them to go have fun cheating in casual matches before cheating in ranked. I wouldn't put it past the anticheat to not ban them even when they're using bhop in casual matches all the way to a kill requirement, but they could also closet cheat and definitely get away with it.
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  11. 40*
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  12. actually now people are paying others to grind alts for them
  13. what frustrates me is the fact that hypixel doesn't seem to be putting enough effort into improving it. out of all the games on the network, i'd be willing to bet that ranked is the one that needs the most renovation.
    any small change would help, even just increasing the level requirement so that blatant hackers can't just boost to level 25 in one day and thus are able to play ranked. 60 or something in that region would be so much better smh
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  14. Stop making these threads!it's obvious nothing is gonna change..
  15. Of course cheating should never be encouraged, I don't disagree with that.

    The goal of a kill requirement would be to keep the users bhopping out of the competitive gamemode, which would allow the moderators or Watchdog more time to catch them before they start draining other players' rating.
  16. oCyph

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    Tbh I feel like these should be the requirements

    Level 40 network level
    250 wins
    5k kills total
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  17. legit players are able to get even masters if they're good enough and have enough time, ranked is a cheater fest but if you know how to play well enough and how to queue dodge its not a massive problem
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  19. good luck bhopping for 10k kills
    way too low
  20. Wolf

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    Goodbye ranked!

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