1. I remember seeing a "we have made some proposals to improve Megawalls" in chat when joining the the lobby. It has stopped appearing and I have noticed that arcane explosion is now a 1 second cooldown from 2. (finally) also his energy per hit is now 34 and some new mechanics like werewolf gets his active skill bonus damage not just on his first hit but on his first hit on every unique enemy player. Shadow burst is now 8 damage, and I haven't looked any further, i just see these tiny details when I choose a class. I do remember seeing a way bigger list of changes planned, Like RNG getting removed completely, and having chance based abilities be activated every few hits or attacks or what ever.

    Were all these changes scrapped? or is this just taking a long time?

    Would just like to know whats happening because snowman is still useless. It seems basically impossible to win a 1v1 with this kit. doesn't seem like a fighter/damage seems more like a troll/easy target or feeder kind of class. anyways that's besides the point. but seriously snowman bottom tier.
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  2. Phase 1 was released about a month ago which had some small balancing changes.

    The larger Class QoL changes will be next in phase 2, but they're not finished yet.
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  3. Dual

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    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    2020 because there are more 2's in 2020 than 2019
  4. Mosey

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    Release phase 2 by the end of the month ty
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  5. February 22 2022 (2/22/2022)
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  6. Okay that makes sense, Thank you all.
  7. When my summer is like over and I don't get to play the new phx and I have to deal with public exams :(
  8. Id wait until December.

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