1. As I'm not english user, so I'm poor at gtb, and It is too hard for me to guess too long sentence such as floating island, fire extinguisher.(I don't want to play gtb but I'm playing this because of achievements)

    So I am making list that contains 14+(14~20) letters words on note by myself, like this

    Now, it is almost done. (I'm testing it now)
    However, just before, I was playing gtb and a rookie choosed "medieval castle" but he built it just container. When the letter hint appeared, I open my list and I spamed words with 14letters. Only few seconds later, I guessed it but some players said that I was teaming and a guy said he would report me on forums.

    I know that many people may don't like list which assists guessing themes, and I heard that macro(it works like list) l is already used by some people. And I know that it makes game no fun for others. But there was no announcement that making list in gtb can be punished.

    Is my list rule-breaking thing?Although I spent much time to make this list, but if it is illegal, I'll delete it right now.
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  2. TobiasIII

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    It's not illegal unless you have a 'no GtB list' law in your country. I'm not sure if it's against the rules as it isn't clearly stated but since teaming is bannable and it obviously looks like teaming, you could get banned.

    Since this is technically cheating the system, it's probably against the rules and I wouldn't reccomend continuing. You could always use your own first language and, if it isn't available, you can help hypixel by sending translations.
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