1. Is killing mobs using a set with thorns or a vampire mask while in an AFK pool allowed?

    I've gotten some people who have said it is not allowed since you could gain collection or combat xp from doing this, but I haven't seen a post from any actual staff member explicitly saying it is not allowed to gain collection or combat xp while AFK. All I have seen is posts saying that using a macro/mod to gain combat xp or collection while AFK is not allowed.

    Also, Simon himself tweeted a while back that AFK pools are fine as long as you don't use a macro or mod, so this method would seem to fall into that category and therefore be ok?

    Honestly just looking for some more opinions on this because I can't decide myself whether its allowed or not since the rules at the moment are pretty vague.
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  2. It's a feature of the game, not a mod or macro, which the developers added themselves. I assume its allowed, kinda dumb if not.
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  3. imo as long as you're in a vanilla afk machine, no external help like mods or macros, it should be allowed, you're not using any thing unfair, just using an afk machine
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  4. MarioG204

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    I don’t see why not but hopefully staff responds
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  5. Pretty sure that's allowed, vampire mask is basically thorns
  6. How do you get vampire mask and what is it? spooky festival?
  7. No. It is not. DO NOT do this. A dev explicitly said you could NOT do anything that gains you skill xp or collection while afk. I will try to find the screenshot for you, but you cant do this.

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  8. yah it's from spooky festival
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  9. It should be allowed
  10. Since you're not using a third party app and it is (technically) a feature, I don't see a single reason why it shouldn't be allowed.
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  11. I saw your video and I know it doesn’t fit in this thread, but the zombies won’t attack me, is it my fault, do you have to change the design or anything else? Does it work for zombies for you?
  12. Pretty sure you’ll stop getting collection xp anyway as there’s an anti-afk mechanic were you need to move your head
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  13. hypixeldotnetslashdiscordslashrules.png

    For some reason staff like to post their rules on Twitter and Discord. I'd advise against doing anything that gives you skill XP or collection while you're afk. Nowhere in the actual rules page does it say anything related to collections on skyblock, so you could always argue that the rules for these things aren't clear.

    Mind getting a staff member in here to clarify rules, since this image also shows afk mining is allowed.
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  14. AFK mining definitely isn't allowed because it involves a macro which Simon said on Twitter is against the rules. I'm just confused about a design like this because it doesn't seem like it's using an "unfair advantage" of any kind, but I think you could technically gain xp/collection until the anti-afk kicks in.
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  15. Simon said in a tweet that all afk pools are allowed as long as there are no macros involved. So you should be good (ill put the tweet in once i find it)
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  16. AFK mining IS allowed because the actual staff member managing skyblock said that it was allowed. Simon is more of a business manager in my eyes, so he might not have the same information that other staff members do. Keep in mind that his Twitter post was responding to multiple people on his staff team that also didn't know the rules.

    Simon said in that Twitter post that we'd be getting actual rules to clarify things later on
    We never got these rules even after 3 months of waiting. To answer your question, AFK mining or any action that gets you items is use at your own risk, nobody (not even the Hypixel Staff team) has a clear answer for this. You all wait for dungeons while I wait for Hypixel Rules to be updated...
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  17. don't see why not no rule against it
  18. But it’s not his fault thorns gives combat xp
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  19. No rule posted only to a private discord server (not the official Hypixel Discord Server) should be enforceable on the server. Same thing with Twitter. If Hypixel Staff want to make specific rules about things they should use their dedicated page on the website to show players what the rules are.

    Just another choice by the admins that lets the players down smh
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  20. hey @Jayavarmen could you clear up the confusion?
    You can gain specific collections (such as Cactus) and skill xp (such as Combat (by using thorns)) while in a vanilla AFK pool (which is confirmed allowed by Simon), no mods, macros, or cheats of any kind, just plain old vanilla AFK pool

    quick edit: you (in theory) would stop gaining skill xp once the anti-afk kicked in, so that should be fine either way, but im not so sure about collections (you would stop gaining collection when your inventory fills, so maybe that's the same as anti-afk for skill xp? idk)

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