1. sasakupvp

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    i just had a garbage player rod me around the entire map until time ran out, the dude did not miss his rod once but his never broke, he hit me with the rod way more than it’s durability

    I started rodding back and mine broke and his didn’t wtf
  2. If you rod and switch back to your sword or a different slot fast enough it doesn't use durability.
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  3. you are garbage for not fighting back
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  4. sasakupvp

    sasakupvp Well-Known Member

    I was fighting back but I take KB if someone who knows how to rod wants to run circles around the map there’s not much you can do
  5. I believe that that is a bug, the swich bug, you just need to swich the rod fast when you use it.
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  6. just rod and switch to your sword instead of reeling it back in. Avoids durability altothgthehtherher
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    I think that it will always break.
  8. Simple don't use it, then it won't break.
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  9. It's not a bug, apparently. Think about it, in normal singleplayer minecraft, if you're fishing and you switch to your sword in the middle of it then you don't reel the hook back in.
  10. It doesn't matter the speed at which you switch back. If you throw a rod and go back to your sword in 10 minutes it will still not use a durability.
  11. ^^
    Instead of clicking right click again to pull it back, just switch to another slot.
  12. shhhh why must you tell him the secret
  13. Was the guy named xSxnic

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