1. I lost my super, please send help
  2. Learn to sort. And never leave your good armor in a chest
  3. 1 I cant even sort irl ;-;
    2 Its not armor its a compactor lol
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  4. No way to use mods or sba to find it, but if you do find it, organize your stuff. My loot was scattered then I organized even thought it was boring and took forever it 100% helped me alot.
  5. Just to note I dont have the attention span to get all the fairy souls... yeah
  6. Ohhh you meant compactor. I feel my guy. You're gonna have to look through it and hope it's there somewhere. Sorting is Very important :)
  7. Zendei

    Zendei Active Member

    Quit making excuses and do it, this game is literally based around grinding.
  8. Make chests and label them.

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