1. For short this mouse from what i see it can double click/triple click with ease and basically destroy any skill with the drag click or buterfly click etc. here some links about it

  2. Of course it's not allowed, it lets you click faster without doing any more work!
  3. That's a 13 minute video, I can't watch it all right now. Does the mouse create inputs for you? Like you press once and it clicks twice or more? Does it click for you in any way? Does it have macros?
  4. i haven't tried it yet buying it i watched it and thinking it was a bit overpowered,
    no no macros
    no does not click for you in any way
    no i don't even think you can set macros
    it kinda does if you press it once and clicks twice i think but no
    for short it has multiple buttons and you can press them all at once.... i think
  5. thought that too especially that you can press multiple buttons at once and can just destroy the enemy or something like that
  6. This particular feature is disallowed on Hypixel.
  7. Disallowed, I don’t have the quote. But I believe that @AgentK said a while ago “One finger, One Button” of course even I break that by butterfly clicking. But the point still stands and you’d be breaking the rules far past a common clicking method.

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