1. Hello there. I recently installed a regedit and I'm wondering if it's bannable. I feel a major difference in my KB and my ability to get combos, and I also notice myself getting 20 ping less than what I normally do. I've barely played on Hypixel with the regedit so before I continue using it I would like to know if it's bannable or not. I applied the changes manually through a tutorial and it would be hard to revert them though.
  2. is someone going to respond?
  3. Well... (first of all, what the heck is your patience tolerance lol) Second, less KB is an advantage, so probably bannable
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    eggos EGG
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  5. you waited 10 mins lol
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    Ok, first of all, a little file that can't change anything in Minecraft isn't bannable. Regedit doesn't control your kb, reach, ping, or latancy. I don't know how people get fooled by this. Although the cmd prompts may be able to boost your fps by closing out programs, thats about all they can do. So the answer is no. Regedit is not bannable because it can't intefere with your game play. They cannot change your reach, knockback, ping, or latancy. Really the only way to kind of boost fps with a .reg file is when that file forces your program to run at high authority at all times.
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  7. okay hese people dont know anything,regedit does work ok what it does is cause the packets from servers to get register faster by using custom settings in the regedit files, therefore making your hits register faster and better, it doesnt reduce kb or give reach but no its not bannable
  8. If it changes what packets you send to the server, wouldn’t it trigger watchdog maybe?
  9. i dont get hwo having better connection to a server by packets sending and recieving faster is considered an unfair advandtage
  10. It may not be, however, if you have a mod the alters the packets you send to the server, watchdog may ban you by accident.
  11. If you get good ping your not a hacker if know how to take less damage with no mods or hacks your fine. I don't know how to explain so yeah.

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