1. I do 384 crit damage with a NORMAL bow, no enchants/anything. I do 764 crit damage with my Runaan's bow, main arrow - Power V, Rapid, the works.

    Is it bugged? Or does Runaan's really do less than twice the damage of something worth fifty thousand times less?

    If it is bugged, how do I fix this? If it isn't how do I do more damage with my Runaan's, if I can?
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  2. Yhac

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    No idea how you can fix it, cause I deal like 40k/hit at minimum on dragons with runaans.
  3. Crit damage maybe?
  4. Power is currently(maybe always?) bugged so it doesn't affect damage, might also be crit damage % and pots.
  5. First two arrows always deal crap dmg, I think that's issue with runnans overall

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