1. All my friends think i'm weird for that. is it weird though
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  2. yes for me
  3. It's not weird it's just personal preference.
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  4. I mean yea, I've never heard of a player that actually plays bedwars consistently in f5 mode. But the question is does it actually help, or is it just what makes you comfortable?
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    Honestly, if you could get used to be playing in f5 (and also play well in that mode), I would see it as a advantage. One of the reasons that come to mind is that your view would be increased and you have extra peripherals (man i had to search up how to spell this word). This would make it harder for opponents to sneak-attack you.
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    Seems a bit strange
  8. It's interesting.
  9. Well it all comes down to 2 things, comfortability, and reliability.

    If you are used to being in f5, it's most likely your playstyle has adapted to being in f5. If your playstyle has adapted to it then you most likely will get used to playing in it, just like when I bridge, i'm always in f5 but any other time im not.

    The thing i'd say is a very big disadvantage with being in f5 is your aim, when in f5 your aim should be at least 2 or 3 times worse than it is with your normal perspective. Yes although it has many advantages like higher sights of surroundings, but your perspective can sometimes be interrupted or changed due to blocks behind you. I would say overall it is better to play with higher fov rather than in f5, as mine is currently 104 (default is 70).
  10. Although I highly doubt you play bedwars in any F5 mode than first person, everyone has their preference. You do you.
  11. It’s not weird, it might be personal reasons. I’m playing Hypixel Says and Tnt games in F5 (sometimes).
  12. That is a skill that you can't teach bravo
  13. I breez in f5
  14. I have a habit of going into f5 on bridges to see if anyone is chasing me
  15. Staring at myself in mc is fun!!
  16. It's like fortnite
  17. No, it's not weird it depends how people play the game that's why they added f5 I've seen some other people play in f5 if you think you can pvp better in f5 then go for it!

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