1. Hey everyone

    I'm planning to make a redstone enchantment room that changes the enchantment levels... using redstone machinery, which is useful in skyblock (minecraft v1.8.x) when switching enchantment exp levels without the aid of breaking and placing bookshelves.
    But i'm unable to make one since i have no knowledge with complex redstone circuitry. (I'm not even sure if it meets the minimum requirement of redstone power in order to make this)

    So there are 5 inputs (A B C D E), and 18 outputs which correspond to the pistons
    and I have its equation for each outputs
    1 E + D + C + B + A
    2 D + C + B + A
    3 C + B + A + DE
    4 C + B + A
    5 B + A + CE + CD
    6 B + A + CD
    7 B + A + CDE
    8 B + A
    9 A + BE + BD + BC
    10 A + BD + BC
    11 A + BC + BDE
    12 A + BC
    13 A + BCE + BCD
    14 A + BCD
    15 A + BCDE
    16 A
    17 AE + AD
    18 AD

    I tried to make this with the use of simple logic gates in minecraft, but it takes too much space for it.

    Can anyone make one of this? or is it possible to build this one?
    It would be nice if anyone would try :)
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  2. Grubby

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    Barmen BARMEN
    That's pretty intense, but it is possible but I don't think it will meet your size requirements, since this thing is going to get quite large I think.
    If you have access to item frames and comparators in skyblock, you can take an output from the item frame with the comparator, and the redstone signal strength will be stronger or weaker depending on how far the item in the frame is rotated.
    I'd recommend doing something like this for an adjustable enchantment table (See example), although your method is intriguing.

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