1. Hey,
    I am currently a 21 star on Bed Wars and was wondering how long does it take to get 100 stars? I've been grinding pretty hard lately and haven't been going very fast up the rankings. If you guys don't know how long it takes does anyone have any tips and tricks to level up your stars fast?
  2. Depends how much you play. Enable auto questing for bedwars if you haven’t already.
  3. How exactly do I do that? Also How do I get a cool discription showing all of my wins? I play 2-4 hours a day
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    Its called maxkorlarr (i butchered name), as a frame of refrance i believe noneleft got around 40 levels in a single week when he got 1000 wins in a week, another less reliable reference is Vqnom who got 75 stars in 12 days but it was later found out most of those were him boosting

    Yet another reference - personally i average 2-4 hours per day aswell and gained 40 levels in around 20 days
  5. Just play a lot and do your quests since bw xp is mostly based on playtime.
  6. It will take you 5 times more time than you’ve already spent playing the game.

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    More since lv 1-4 is free
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    Have quests auto-enable. Then, get 2-3 friends and play 3s/4s. It’s true that you get more xp from playing solo/doubles, but if you have good teammates, you can easily win a game more than twice as fast as in solo/doubles. I recommend getting 2 people that are good at the game and playing on maps like Lectus and Aquarium. My personal favorite map for grinding is Dreamgrove. Dreamgrove is such a great map for getting fast wins. Have 2 people 32 rush the 2 bases next to you through the diamond generators. The third person should throw wood then wool over the bed then 32/48 rush with tools through mid. I’d be happy to help you along your journey. Just drop a comment on my forums profile if you’re interested.
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  9. Keep in mind a win in 4s/3s gives you 50 xp and a win in solo/doubs gives 100 xp. If you go for fast games in 4s , and it takes around 5 minutes to win a game, with an average amount of let’s say 100 exp, you’ll need 5000/100 = 50 wins to level up, which would be 50x5 = 250 mins, so around 4 hours. Then you have the weekly quests. You just gotta find out how long your games take and what works best for you. It’s very different for each person.
    Edit: as long as 4v4 beta mode is there, try get a party and play that. 50 exp for a win and quick games. You can level up very quickly by this
  10. Did you mean how to enable auto quest? If so, there’s a gray little dot in your menu if you right click the quests NPC. If you click that it will turn green and you enabled auto quest. It requires mvp+.
    I don’t know if you meant this but if so then here’s how
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    Took me around 7 months (1 hr during school year, and aug, 2 hrs during july)
  12. just grind a lot
  13. BBBWeeaboo

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    Pretty easy in the new meta I assume since there’s like thousands of iron pres nons out there
  14. TommyRobinson

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    I used to do 5 stars a day for 6 weeks lol
  15. I played for over a year to get to iron prestige because I had just installed Minecraft when I started playing Bedwars
    But for other ppl who are more experienced and play more often, it can take a month if you're really grinding for hours every day
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  16. Depends on how much you play and how fast you get wins and xp ;/
  17. CeeDee

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    Depends on how much xp you get i guess.
  18. Caleb

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    Depending on how much you play, but make sure to complete the Bed Removal Co. to level up for free :p
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