1. (Ik i wont be seen)

    Wait... does this mean the return of nostalgic Walk-To-Game Lobbies? I loved&missed these types!
  2. Loving the new Lobby! <3
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  3. punkflex

    punkflex New Member

    Loving the new Lobby...
    Probably some day the Lobby will change...
    Who knows...?
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  4. The lobby looks great i will check it out later
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  5. I'm still shook over this can someone please figure it out
  6. From what I've guessed, there's no way in other than a gadget. I used to teleport stick to get inside (and I believe it was the same cave) and all that was there was a sign (I won't tell you want it says) and an iron trapdoor, closed and seemingly un-openable.
  7. Reviewed the co-ords, just in case, it's the same one.
  8. A teleport stick? How do I obtain such a magical device...
  9. Simple gadget ;-)
  10. Lobby looks pretty cool :)
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