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  1. Knotty

    Knotty Well-Known Member

  2. The concept is good, however...
    Remember when people confused Hypixel Credits for Coins?
    I'm 99.999% sure people will confuse Game Coins, Store Gold, Pit Gold and Gold Division...
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  3. ChampionWolf

    ChampionWolf Active Member

    ngl I don't like where this is going....
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  4. A very valuable piece of information to take note of. Thanks for the clarification!

    May I ask if there are any additional parameters that were made within the agreement? Specifically, will the Hypixel Gold soft currency be restricted to be used only for non-gameplay affecting items?

    If you're not allowed to disclose that information, wanting to keep surprises, or just because; then I will respect your decision and not press any further at this point in time.
  5. Wasn't it not obtainable in the game beforehand? Or am I just recalling gold coins incorrectly?
  6. Hypixel used to sell coins before 1st august 2014, so before the EULA was modified to allow server monetisation.
    You're maybe confusing with cosmetic Hypixel Credits, which were removed for this exact reason.

    I'm... pretty sure it wasn't an agreement, just a clarification about the EULA...
    (Hypixel has good contacts with Mojang, even if they are technically just a normal End User)

    What Hypixel is doing was meant to be allowed from day one, but when the legal document was written on Nov 2015, there was no mention of this clause, which is why the current situation is... complicated?
    However, "Hypixel Gold" is NOT a soft currency, the whole point of "not unlockable" is to make it a hard currency!

    Red emphasis mine, bold emphasis isn't.
    You cannot charge real-world cash for in-game currency
    We don’t mind in-game currencies which are earned through playing, but you are not allowed to sell them for real-world cash. Remember - if the stuff you sell affects gameplay, we’re not cool with it.

    So how do I make real money from selling cosmetic items?
    You can sell cosmetic items for hard currency directly or allow players to fund an “account” specific to your server. It’s up to the host of the server to decide how this works. Remember that capes are the exception to this rule - you are not allowed to give them away or sell them.
    What do you mean by “hard currency” compared to “soft currency”?
    Hard currency is real money or anything that can be converted into real money, including Bitcoins. Soft currency is available in-game only, and has no real-world value. The restrictions in the EULA only apply to hard currency; you may unlock things in-game with soft currency.

    My server features a currency that you can earn through gameplay, but which can also be bought for hard currency. Is that OK?
    Soft currencies that are earned in-game are fine, but you cannot sell in-game currency for hard currency. Hybrid/dual currency systems are not allowed.
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  7. IAmSofa

    IAmSofa Active Member

    so basically vbucks
  8. Hungurr

    Hungurr Well-Known Member

    Can we buy a soul tho? kool
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  9. Will diamond armor be implemented into the shop? I'd also like to buy 10,000 wins, please :)

    But seriously, cool update, for the people that have the money to spend that is.
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  10. Tigs

    Tigs Active Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    $10 for a skywars cage... seriously?
  11. Okay, it was a "permission". I still believe that there had to have been underlying agreements and/or conditions between both parties.

    I'm sorry, but Hypixel Gold does not qualify as a hard currency.
    Nowhere on the announcement post says anything about converting Hypixel Gold into real money.

    This makes sense as Hypixel Gold is considered as an "account" for just the Hypixel server.

    The part that states, "It’s up to the host of the server to decide how this works" is what I consider being ambiguous. Yes, the rest of the EULA still applies but that is where the confusion stems from.

    If Hypixel Gold is to be considered as a soft currency, then this would apply:
    Yet Hypixel Gold somewhat conflicts with this:
    My best conclusion is that Hypixel Gold is neither a hard or soft currency.

    Hypixel Gold is a one-way transfer from a hard currency to a currency that can not be transferred back into a hard currency. Hypixel Gold does not contain value as stated in the Hypixel Terms of Service:

    A vast majority of lobby cosmetics are obtained from Mystery Boxes which happen to not be purchasable with a soft currency that is earned in-game. Mystery Boxes are sold directly on the Hypixel store, thus does not violate having something being directly purchasable with both hard and soft currencies.

    Thus, if cosmetics found in Mystery Boxes were available to be purchased with Hypixel Gold; then this wouldn't violate the EULA since Hypixel Gold is not earn-able in-game but is purchased with hard currency.

    This is why I ask if Hypixel could reveal more information regarding getting Mojang's permission. I'm curious to see how far Hypixel plans on going with what you can purchase with Hypixel Gold.
  12. BenjiRTP

    BenjiRTP Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    Awesome new update I'm actually so happy this got implemented, thank you!
  13. hmm cool
  14. Can you add a feature that lets you to be able to sell anything that you can buy on the ingame store for less money?
    Because I really wont mind selling lootboxes
  15. Caleb

    Caleb Well-Known Member

    Gold in Murder Mystery finally has another purpose!! :D
    It’s a joke okay
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  16. Using Gold, you can buy pretty much obtain anything the webstore already offers other than ranks as these are a little bit more complex to add to the in-game store. However, soon we will also be adding MVP++.

    What Type of Gold?
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