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  2. kamm

    kamm Well-Known Member

    yo wtf that really is finna woke
  3. NickCrompton

    NickCrompton Active Member

  4. We have been given permission a few months ago, as long as it's not obtainable in game. (It's kind of similar to the Bedrock store of you think about it.)
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  5. This is great!

    My only suggestion would be to add Gold to some rewards such as Ranked mode rewards, Achievement rewards, and even Leveling rewards!

    This could be a great Segway into a overall Leveling update!
  6. NeverGuy

    NeverGuy Active Member

    That's actually the best update yet.
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  7. Wiz_Techno

    Wiz_Techno Member

    @Donpireso I like the idea but doesn’t this violate literally every single thing on the EULA? I mean you guys had to argue just for /fly.
    And are you guys just going to be storing all our credit card info on your servers? Sounds fishy and insecure to me.
  8. They’ve been selling stuff on their store for years. They already have the credit card info stored.
  9. Doesn’t the EULA specifically say that you cannot be allowed to sell in game currency?
  10. I mean, the EULA is still a thing, so they could only go so far even if they wantes to.
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  11. *casually leaves out boosters for the 3 most dead non-classic games (Skyclash, Speed UHC and Crazy Walls).*
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  12. Enlightened_Evil

    Enlightened_Evil Well-Known Member

    Would be cool if we could get some in-game effects (in lobby) when someone purchases something. Just saying <3
  13. Put him in the hypixel zoo!
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  14. Nice! I think that you should be able to somehow pay for stuff on the website shop IG without paying actual money though... Like Buying companions with EXP or something
  15. This looks awesome! Good job :)
  16. Knotty

    Knotty Well-Known Member

    how is this p2w lol? You're not buying anything to have an advantage over other players
  17. i wAs jOkiNG.
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