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    Right in time for Holidays, we are pleased to announce the first version of the in-game Hypixel Server store!

    What is the in-game store?

    From now on, you will be able to buy things directly inside the server at the new Store NPC in every lobby. Instead of making multiple transactions on the webstore, all you need to do is transfer funds from the webstore to the in-game store and you are set - that is, until you spend it all!

    Found on our current Webstore at, you will be able to purchase Gold to be used in the In-Game Store.

    Using Gold, you can buy pretty much obtain anything the webstore already offers other than ranks as these are a little bit more complex to add to the in-game store. However, soon we will also be adding MVP++. This currency can ONLY be purchased on our webstore - it cannot be obtained in-game.

    What are the advantages of the in-game store?
    • You won’t be required to re-enter your billing information over and over again!
    • We will be able to sell things super cheap (like 50 cents) and avoid huge fees from payment providers!
    • We can now sell individual items like pets, companions, hats, banners, gadgets and more!
    • Instant payments, no more waiting!
    • In the future, we will add time-based deals and exclusives, starting this month with the Wink Emote.
    • We will be able to deliver better and faster customer support!
    • Fewer issues with payments, because of less frequent use of external payment providers!
    • Much more, the potential is endless! (Yes, we should have done that years ago!)
    Overall, we are hoping this will provide a positive experience!​

    Look for the Ingame Store in any of our lobbies - vendors can usually be found next to a Mystery Vault.

    What comes next?
    This is something that many people requested over the years but we never got around to sit down and actually implement it properly.

    This time, we decided to slowly roll the feature and start off with a Store NPC selling things. In the future, we are planning to give him his own lobby where you could be browsing content and feel a bit more immersed - imagine a marketplace or something similar, imagine trying out gadgets before purchasing them!
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  2. Woah, that looks cool.
    I really like the idea of not having to wait for your Hypixel companions, banners, etc.
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  4. hmmmmm
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  5. More p2w stuff. I’m down
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  6. BulbJake

    BulbJake Well-Known Member

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    Very interesting
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  7. iEric

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  8. oOOooooOooo yUMmMy
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  9. Cool! Are you going to make a thing where you can give gold to others?
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  10. Neat
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  11. This sounds so cool! Thank you for the update!
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  12. Neato saw the NPC and think this is a super creative way to make purchases easy :D
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  13. Stannya

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    need u to like my post for my signature ;)

    But this is actually really useful because no one needs taxes, and it is easier to purchase items because I don't have to always put in my credit card details and stuff because I just need to buy the gold in advance, and I'm good to go. Really great idea, and hyped to buy some gold, but I first need to somehow fix my PayPal account so I can buy the gold :p

    Thanks for the update!
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  14. Ka3ashka

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    omg it's awesome
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  15. Huh, so gold's back.

    I guess we don't have to worry about EULA compliance up to a point now? It did seem to be one of the weirder clauses for the EULA.
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  16. Yay no more chrome needed!
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  17. Fancy
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  18. I feel like little kids will abuse their moms card lol
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  19. rip mom's credit card

    should have hidden it better heh heh
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  20. Infit

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    Rip moms credit card
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