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    The SkyWars Competitive League (SWCL) is an organization of competitive teams that are interested in the competitive aspect of Minecraft, and more specifically SkyWars. In the past, tournaments and fights were held between guilds, in the form of GvGs. We’d like to introduce a system where people can form teams and participate in 5v5 matches against other established teams. These teams don’t have to be comprised of people from just one guild, they can be composed of anyone. This league is in collaboration with the Podcrash Competitive League (PDCL) who oversees the league and makes sure everything is running smoothly. The PDCL is known for its various leagues on the Mineplex network, and are excited to introduce this Hypixel related league.

    The SWCL is attempting to bring together teams of players on the Hypixel Network, in an easy and accessible manner, to participate in team fights and tournaments.

    How to create/join a team:
    If you want to create a team, you have to navigate to the official website and follow the procedures and requirements for creating a team. Once your team has been registered and approved, you can find instructions on how to add people to your team or promote people within your team on the SWCL Discord.
    If you want to join a team, you can find recruitment messages for established teams on the Discord in the #recruitment channel and follow their process.

    There are currently two types of matches:
    Scrimmages: (Also known as unofficial matches) These are randomly scheduled 5v5 fights scheduled between team leaders at any random time. They will follow league guidelines which can be found in the SWCL rulebook. Team leaders can find other teams in the Discord that want to scrimmage, and schedule a time for it to take place. Both teams will go about scrimmaging at the decided time. *In the case where another full team of 5 isn’t available for a scrimmage, a team leader can ask in the Discord for a random 5 players to join the party and participate. The random team of players is called “Assorted Randies,” often abbreviated as “AR.”
    Competitive Matches: (Also known as official matches) Currently, our competitive matches are held in a bracket-style tournament mode. This tournament will consist of the typical 5v5 fights following league guidelines and rules. These tournaments will be scheduled by the management team. Winning matches in a tournament come with various rewards and prizes. There are divisions, and rankings in each division, for teams to strive for. Navigate to a section below for more insight into competitive matches, it will also provide a little glimpse at what other leagues’ rankings look like.

    Different staff positions in the league include:
    Referees: An organized group who will monitor the league and handle cheaters.
    Advisors: People who have a strong understanding of SkyWars, they will vote on various discussions over rule changes and new ideas. The collective group is known as the advisory board.
    Hosts: The individuals that host matches and ensure a fair and enjoyable game experience.
    Head Advisor: Person who manages the Advisory Board and edits the SWCL Rulebook.
    Head Referee: Person who manages the Referee team.
    Head Host: Person who manages the Host team.
    Management: People in charged of the league (includes Head Advisor, Head Referee, and Head Host).

    By participating in the SWCL, it is highly encouraged, and practically essential, to join the Discord. The Discord describes the league in more depth, allows participants to communicate with each other, provides channels for team leaders to schedule fights and events, and much more. It is a great way to stay active in the community.

    In the near future, we plan to provide the league with a competitive bracket-style team tournament, with a multitude of seasons.
    Each season will compose of competitive matches, which are required for teams to participate in. I will describe the layout of these matches, which were also stated in a section above.
    Competitive Matches: Our competitive matches will be held in a bracket-style tournament mode. This tournament will consist of the typical 5v5 fights that will follow league guidelines and rules. These tournaments will be scheduled by the management team. Winning matches in a tournament come with various rewards and prizes. There are divisions, and rankings in each division, for teams to strive for. Divisions help to create a matchmaking system. The picture below will give a little glimpse at what other leagues’ divisions and rankings look like. Seasons will be hosted as frequently as the community desires. Each season is a new opportunity for teams to fight for the top spot.​



    The organization that sponsors this ongoing event is known as the Podcrash Competitive League. This organization was previously known under the alias of Minecraft Competitive League (MCL), who is well-credited for their concurrent season based leagues on other servers as well as CVCL on Hypixel. This is a sub-branch of the company Podcrash LTD and is currently ran by Vilare. For more information about PDCL, feel free to visit our website or message Vilare.
    Please leave any questions or suggestions in a response to this thread. If necessary, direct them to zChipmunk_ on the forums or on Discord (RyanTQ123#0580). Have a great day. :)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Offensive 4/20
    Elixir 14/20
    Awakening 14/20
    The Senate 18/20
    Tea Party 0/20
    Armada 11/20
    Scottish Walrus 14/20
    Queen 6/20
    Team VT 10/20
    Ticklemonsters 14/20
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  4. wow now thats kinda very pretty cool
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  7. wow if people join this it could be amazing
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  8. You should make a team then :p
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    damn I can't wait to log onto the hypixel network to be a part of this! So excited!
    I'm SO proud of this community : pray:
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  10. This sounds pretty nice! Good luck
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  11. Thanks!
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  12. @pixelmemered now we can name our team D M China Town and not get name sniped
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    Will this get pinned? Hate to see a thread like this die
  14. It probably won't, hopefully it won't die though :D
  15. Yooo this looks fire, maybe I'll try and join it when/if I come back this summer.
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    woah this is epic
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  17. Proud to say I am the PDCL Operations Director when seeing leagues we've been working so closely with such as this one be announced. I've been working with them for a while and I'm sure this will only go up in terms of potential and in terms of how great this league will be for the community. If you have any interest whatsoever I heavily recommend you get some friends together and make a team with us. I promise you will not regret it, and hey it's not like it costs anything! :)
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  18. :)
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  19. Blow up, this might
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