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    We've teased it on Twitter, and it's finally here - introducing our latest PTL game, Hypixel Zombies!

    Zombies is a round-based wave survival game inspired by our favorite 'horde' based games over the past 10 years, and a spiritual successor to classic Hypixel arcade game The Blocking Dead. In Zombies, you team up with 3 other players in a cooperative fight to stay alive as wave after wave of undead creatures break through barriers across the map and attack you. Kill zombies and repair barriers to gain gold you can use to unlock new areas and buy new weapons and upgrades - can you make it all the way to Round 30?


    Hypixel Zombies is replacing UHC Deathmatch in the PTL. As we said when we first launched the lobby, only the most popular and most hyped games will continue active development and become full minigames on the server. We know some of you were big UHC deathmatch fans, and we hope with the rapid development of the PTL we'll be able to make a more popular game in future that satisfies your tastes :)

    v0.1 of Hypixel Zombies is available to play right now in the Prototype Lobby. Like all PTL games, Zombies is still in active development, so as always report any bugs you find and feel free to offer suggestions. Read below to find out more about the game!

    ▶ How to Find and Play PTL Games
    The Prototype Lobby (PTL) is a space on Hypixel where you can test all our in-development minigames and give your feedback.

    To access the PTL, simply do one of the following:
    1. Open the Game Compass (compass icon on hotbar) and click the Anvil icon (PTL)
    2. Click the Prototype Lobby NPC in the Main Lobby
    3. Or type the command /lobby PTL into your chat and send it
    Once in the PTL, you'll see that you can join a game of Zombies via the NPC to the left of the infoboard.


    ▶ What is Hypixel Zombies?
    Zombies is a round-based survival game in which you team up with 3 other players to fight waves of enemies. At first the game is relatively straightforward - shoot zombies with your gun in order to gain Gold and advance to the next rounds. As you progress through each round, enemies become stronger and more difficult to defeat with just basic weaponry. Advance through the map to gain access to better weapons and armor, and flip the Power Switch to activate machines. Machines cost gold to use, but give you various benefits that will aid in your struggle.

    In v0.1 of the game, there are 30 rounds. Survive all the way through round 30 to win!

    • Fire Weapon - Right Click
    • Reload Weapon - Left Click
    • Open Doors / Buy Weapons - Right Click
    • Repair Windows - Hold Shift
    • Revive Teammates - Hold Shift

    Hints & Tips
    • Your current ammo count is displayed on the EXP bar above your hot bar. If you run out of ammo you'll need to buy more.
    • Different guns have different ranges and bullet spreads. Use the right gun for the right occasion!
    • Don't spend all your gold on opening doors! Make sure to upgrade weapons and armor for a better chance at survival.
    • If caught in a tight spot, switch to your sword for a quick melee attack. Be warned: this has a cooldown.
    • When a teammate gets knocked down, you can revive them by holding SHIFT near them. If you don't revive them, they will die - but they will return the next round if surviving players make it that far

    We hope you enjoy playing Hypixel Zombies! If you like it, remember to add Hype to it in the lobby and leave your feedback on the forums. If the game is popular enough we will be updating it with new maps, features, and more scary zombies! Good luck surviving :D
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  2. Night

    Night Well-Known Member

    Seems interestingly similalr to blocking dead.Going to try it out soon!

    Also hype!

    BTW @Tactful said on twitter that it would be released soon,but that was much quicker than I expected,wow.
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  3. Hype train starts again! Can't wait to try it when I get home. I love zombie apocalypse themed games. Playing a pve game on Hypixel will be a change.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2017
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  4. Olddddddd

    Olddddddd Well-Known Member

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  5. firebreather257

    firebreather257 Well-Known Member

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  6. brandon048

    brandon048 Well-Known Member


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  7. Nootella

    Nootella Well-Known Member

    If this games fun, I might play Hypixel agian
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  8. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COW✪SQD
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  9. youareamazing

    youareamazing Well-Known Member

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  10. This is probably going to be my favorite game.

    edit: first time getting first page
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
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  11. xxm


    xxm Well-Known Member

    hype, glad they made a new zombies game :D
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  12. hype
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  13. Reserved
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  14. Nice

    It looks like overwatch uprising tbh
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  15. HYPE

    I used to play a small server identical to this which shut down. So glad it's back, thanks! :D
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  16. Hype new game ^^
  17. YES, THANK YOU!!!
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  18. Sounds great!

    EDIT: It is indeed great!
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
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  19. Frogeh

    Frogeh Well-Known Member


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  20. eeeedsfsdgffsg

    eeeedsfsdgffsg Well-Known Member

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