1. I was playing a Zombies game in Dead End, and someone in my game left round 1 so I did too because I was too lazy to carry my team. I joined the next game, and got this :

    Note that I don't even have the "Win a game of Zombies" or "Win a game of Zombies in under 45 minutes" on that account. So I tried to do the same on Bad Blood. Surprise surprise :

    After staying in the lobby for some time, I got the achievement. My theory is that if everyone in your game leaves after you do, it counts as a win?

    Anyway, that's kind of broken, should probably remember to fix in the next update in 2025
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    I've seen similar bugs here or there, such as losing a duel when you are 1 off from an achievement still gives it to you. Iirc, going in again and getting a sub 30 time legit will "give" you the achievement again. I also remember someone dying early in a hard game and got it as well. Seems to be a recurring problem that quite frankly doen't need fixing, as sub 30 times are easy enough.
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  3. Zombies is hella broken. And the next update will be in 2020 because all of the Zombies developers are forced to keep the Skyblockfolk happy.
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  4. its not like skyblock players are very happy

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