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    Hey, I'm getting somewhat close to being able to purchase florist x, someone want to let me know if it's any good?

    also, someone please let me know if multiple pieces of armor with thorns make any difference.
  2. Back in the day 500 wins would be no where near good enough to get an X but things have changed since then *Eula, Exp update etc.* So Ive seen someone with Archer X with only a 1000 kills so it doesn't even matter anymore lol
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  3. What the heck those stats and close to a X, what happened to blitz..
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  4. Boosters and Eula Happened
  5. And it's funny, because here are my other kits I have at semi-high levels:
    Archer VIII
    Meatmaster VIII
    SlimeySlime VIII
    Speleologist VIII
    Shadow Knight VIII
    Baker VI
    Knight IX
    Paladin VII
    Scout VIII
    Hunter VIII
    Florist IX
    Wolftamer VII
    I could have had an X ages ago, lol.
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  6. My heart
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  7. Blitz is horrible now in my opinion. Too many op kits, so it turned into a coin game like megawalls.
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  8. No kits mode is still fun though
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  9. EriPotter

    EriPotter Well-Known Member

    I have like 14k kills and still no X i keep wasting my coins on things i'll never use
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  10. #10
  11. Nice. Florist is actually very good. My friend TurtleBlocks/JayQuellin has it and I enjoy playing it sometimes. :)
  12. Fwank

    Fwank Active Member

    TBH 10k kills is pretty respectable for a ten, since there are so many 10s with 3-6k kills.
  13. Florist X is the best kit because flowers are pretty
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  14. Also when knight 8 gave full gold lol
  15. Same even though I have 3 X's lol
  16. It hurts to live
  17. Same dude, same :confused:
  18. I remember when getting Spel X at 13k kills and 1.2k wins was really impressive back in January 2015
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  19. It's a good kit man.
  20. dandunt

    dandunt Well-Known Member

    What do you mean? If you ask me, his stats are so high for first X, I have 10300 kills and I'm close to my 3rd X without buying a single booster.

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