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    So I've been crunching some numbers recently, and have come to an insane revelation. Cheating has actually been declining in Mega Walls - significantly... I concluded this through the comparison of ban numbers plus a few other similar statistics from carefully chosen 3-month segments in Hypixel history. Here are the results:

    Back in November 2015, which is the first place I could find recorded statistics of this, there were some very surprising numbers on cheating. From November all the way to January 2016, there were a reported 3.4 MILLION cheating bans by both Watchdog and admins - again, this is in 3 months. This 3.4 million makes up a whopping 34.9% of all Hypixel bans since the beginning of 2015 (when admin and Watchdog bans were beginning to be counted). In. Three. Months.

    Now, for the comparison to modern Hypixel, I used a sample where Hypixel was at its peak of activity instead of now; where it's very sluggish and there are very rarely player counts over 20,000.

    The sample data I used comes from June - August 2017, which is statistically the most active Hypixel has ever been; reaching a peak/Minecraft (and Guinness) record of 64,533 concurrent players on one server (July 7, 2017) and seeing other insane player counts almost all the time. Including an astonishing average of 30,000+ player counts for almost every day of this 3 month period. However, this is the weird part; during this time period, only 384,391 player bans occurred. This accounts for just a small fraction of Hypixel's total bans at 3.9%. That's just insane.

    To make things even crazier, in the last 3 months, there has been a combined (Watchdog and admin) total of 118,680 bans - just 1.2% of Hypixel's total bans. But that isn't even the best part! Around 22% of these bans have been tracked to be coming from the same IP address. Meaning that over a fifth of even this minimal amount of bans is from the same people... Wow.

    And this is during what is considered the most amount of cheating in Hypixel history. Are you guys sure about that one? Maybe cheating is coming to an end after all.

    *Edit: I bolded the most important parts for anyone who doesn't want to bother reading this rather long essay. Though there are still some parts in bold that would be better read in context.*
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    Fashion MW
    Nice post
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    Thanks brother man!
  4. although this only counts stats for people who are caught...
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    Still pretty outstanding...
  6. I’m too lazy to read this but I agree!
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  7. yes yes more bans for cheaters i like i like:)
  8. I love seeing people say "I'm taking a vacation for a week (month or year nowadays)"

    Hopefully, it gets better.
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  9. Nice research.

    And I agree, buff endy.
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    nice profile picture
  12. I mean in mega walls there arent that many cheaters. Just a couple dozen kids that play all day on a variety of alts
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    the amount of watchdog bans have decreased because the amount of blatant cheaters has decreased. closet cheating is at it's peak right now.
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  14. (Following is my opinion)

    While the overall number of cheaters has declined, the statistics you grabbed are based on the entire server, not specifically MW. The thing about MW, and for minigames in general, is that the cheaters that cause the most issues are the ones who actively are ingrained in the community of that minigame. Those who understand how the game plays, and more specifically, wants to reach the top in the easiest way possible, tend to cheat in a less risky manner, and in turn does the most damage across games. Not to mention that cheating has become significantly more difficult to track and recognize.

    Also, as people have said, closet cheating is one of the biggest issues in MW as of the present time, and there are a LOT of them. In most cases, a closet cheater requires a significant amount of proof across multiple games to provide sufficient evidence, and in many cases it is very difficult to track (see: knockback modifiers, safeaura, aimassist, slightly higher reach, etc.). These usually are the cheaters who are ingrained in the community they play, and as I said before, deal the most damage. One extreme hacker usually gets banned within an hour. One closet cheater can stay in game for days, weeks, even months before the evidence catches up to them. And by that point, they've affected hundreds of different games.

    It's a hard situation to deal with because no matter how much Watchdog is improved, or how much activity moderators have in the game, there's always going to be some closet cheater who will slip through the cracks.
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    Forum UWU
    Inb4 delete because staff do that
  16. I’d say this is slightly incorrect and rephrase this so “blatant”cheaters have declined, and there’s now a spike in closet cheaters.
  17. .
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  18. You do know the numbers are made up smh
  19. BuffEndy

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    Yeah, that’s really true. Though, I think many people will still concur that the closet cheating going on is mostly pretty blatant too lol. Either way, thank you for bringing this up.

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