1. <I> Introduction
    Hello, you are probably aware of the murder mystery update that just added Infected version 2 a little while ago. What I wish to discuss in this thread is the problems with this new update and some ideas. Side Note: I still keep getting the animated hat glitch in tab where there are two of the same people which Hypixel said they fixed in the new update

    <II> Problems
    I think Hypixel was trying to make Infected more like other infection type games in this new update, with the addition of Alpha. This seems good at first, but it depends too much on the first player randomly being good enough to infect a survivor. I played a game where the alpha died twice in a row and the game was instantly over. Hypixel has taken a different approach to Infected, trying to make it quicker, but I think suspense and trying to live is what makes this so interesting. It is especially easy for survivors to luck out if they all gather around on a map like San Peratico, where the murderer wins on classic were 10% do to the layout.

    <III> Ideas
    These are just some ideas that you may or may not like for a next update: Confetti Bomb victory dance, which would be a black piece of wool being spawned right in front of you and then it going off, spewing carpet in all directions. Making death messages appear 2 seconds after a player dies, so that it doesn't completely give away the murderer, and they have more options. Removing some hiding spots on San Peratico to make it more fair for the murderer, since the murderer has the least win percentage there as shown in an official post.

    <IV> Closing
    Thank you for taking your (hopefully) precious time to read this thread which I hope you enjoyed. Please post comments about this thread below, thank you. ^_^
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  2. Trihard-Legion

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    Just rely on player skill and all is fine. Leave the Alpha where he is.
    Coins are for cosmetics only.
    No. I thought it was a talk about Infection?
  3. Trihard-Legion, alpha isn't always skilled. Every game has unskilled players, but a random alpha with only two lives is ignoring that. You're right about the coins, it was just an idea. I'll delete that. Regarding your last statement, it was just about ideas that could be added in a future update. I specifically mentioned that.
  4. Trihard-Legion

    Trihard-Legion Well-Known Member

    Don't forget there are also unskilled Murderers in duos.
  5. Jet711

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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Infection is the high priority for tweaking. Changes are strongly suggested to be carried out within the next couple of days.
  6. Great news! Let us hope they are good changes.
  7. Survivors got nerfed oof
  8. Wait wat
  9. They are nerfed bc they have 16 arrows now instead of 64
  10. I agree that the Alpha thing wasn't a very good idea. They did a great job making adjustments to help improve the game, balance things out like giving infected longer reach, and survivors a 2 sec re-charge before they can shoot again.
    But changing the game like adding Alpha looking like a player, and infected can't re-spawn, that really just makes it a different game, and ruin the fun about going all hard out. Now you have to be cautions in going to battle with fear.

    v1 was one of few games that you can actually re-spawn all the way until the games over, now that can't be a rule anymore.
  11. Eef
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  12. Honestly, mindlessly charging at people was never fun, in idea and action.
  13. never said it was mind less. and that's also not the solution on how to win v1. Their a lot more to v1 then some strategies I mention. v1 had more action and choices of what you could do, which is another reason why so many people liked it.
  14. Honestly, having a game by skills is way more fun than a game of luck, because skills can be developed, and luck/chance never changes. v1 certainly had great attention of how to become a better bow user, and arrow dodging. Sounds like mm style.
  15. I agree too~ Because of playing Infected, I've learned how to aim and use a bow better. I'm not a pro with it, but I've learned to be pretty damn good with it. But with this v2, it feels like you can't really hone your bow skills, or your arrow dodging skills for that matter.
  16. Isn't the only change for infected that they might not be able to respawn? They can still stab, strafe, win all the same. What skill has changed? Also, you keep mentioning "chance" without giving any reasoning or examples.
  17. That's easy! it's because you don't know who the alpha is, making it classic mm. which has a good chance for the alpha to kill everyone. And it's also a possibility that someone could find the alpha and stop infected from respawning, but still only continues until 1 side is gone.
    v1 in the other hand, you know who's infected, and it's an all out battle between survivors and infected, and the more infected kills, the better they get, and the weaker the chance for survivors to win.

    PhantomTheWolf made some good points that v1 you had more choices and style. due to the fact the infected can throw swords. it's almost like classic or assassin . you never know that you will get a knife thrown at you, which can also be unlucky.
  18. So you didn't keep trying to kill one survivor every time you died? Running at someone knowing that you'll just respawn later gives no punishment for dying, so it barely matters if you do die. Reasons for liking, reasons for hating. Both are used for both versions.

    But now you can't just spam arrows, you have to use them more wisely. If that doesn't improve your skill, I don't know what will. Dodging arrows is the exact same. You can still do it.

    Don't know what exactly you're answering to, and I know that's what happens.

    I know how the game works and I know it becomes harder for the survivors to win when more and more people get infected. Removing respawns gives the smaller amount of survivors a chance at clutching and winning.

    It's not hard to shoot the knife mid-air, or to just dodge it. The 15 to 2 second ratio for throwing the knife compared to shooting your bow seems quite fair in my opinion.
  19. Punishment is your die. failed to kill that person. If you wanted a game that you die you lose, then play a different game, but that's what made infected really fun is your still in the game until the games over. Not everything need to be your out when you die, including mm games.
  20. Yeah, being out after two deaths really isn't fun for alpha. It is especially lame for new players because there is much less excitement. It is infected, and specially designed to not be like the other murder mystery modes. I honestly don't even know why it was in the Murder Mystery section. But now, Hypixel took out the key elements of the game and made it more like everything else. And, this might just be my opinion, but I really don't think infected should have extra jump if they can throw their knives now.
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