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    Djarolol is a forum nerd moniker used by multiple players, with the most well-known user of the moniker being @Djarolol2. He is known for their controversial suggestions for games such as Bedwars.


    Minecraft: DjaroGamesYT

    On May 9, 2016, the account Djarolol2 was registered on the forums. At first, they were a normal player, and their first forum thread wasn't created until June 24, 2017. His first two threads included a complaint about lag and a question about being a YouTuber, but on July 4, 2017, he posted a suggestion thread on how to remove cheaters from the game. The suggestion was to create a downloadable texture pack that scanned the .versions folder for key words in order to detect a hacked client. This suggestion was met with 4 dislikes and 1 disagree rating, as well as multiple comments pointing out the flaws in his suggestion. In addition, the thread contained a poll that was to be run until November of 2025, asking if the suggestion was good. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of users voted that the thread was not good, but this did not stop him from posting suggestions. Just like the independence of America, Djarolol's forum nerd career started on the 4th of July, and he continued to do what he does best: make suggestions.

    A complete list of Djarolol2's suggestions (barring deleted threads)

    Sprinkled within many of his suggestion threads include proposed changes to the prices of TNT and the Knockback stick.

    As of the time of this thread, @Djarolol2 was last seen on June 24, 2018.


    The Djarolol following

    In addition to the original Djarolol account, 3 other Djarolol accounts have been created by other users. These accounts are @Djarolol3, @djarolol4, and @Djarolawl.

    These accounts were created for the sole purpose of mimicking @Djarolol2 and his threads. The first Djarolol fan account was @Djarolol3, which was created on May 15, 2018. Soon after, on June 1 and 3 respectively, @Djarolawl and @djarolol4 were created.

    A complete list of the Djarolol fan account suggestions (barring deleted threads)

    Djarolol3 is still active on the forums. Djarolawl, however, has not been active since June 15, 2018.

    Djarolol4 has not been active since June 29, 2018, but he did leave a forum post explaining his absence. According to their final forum post, Djarolol4 developed brain cancer, and is expected to live for 10-12 months. It is unknown if they are telling the truth.


    Do you believe you are an infamous forum member? Start a conversation with me on the forums. Be sure to include any forum bans or defining posts to make my life a little easier.
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  2. aForumNerd

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    Jesus christ.
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  3. MiniMod

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    You should do @PostFarmer, @Joshua, @Cool2010, and @sshole next.

    The only thing I'm questioning about this thread is if you're a forum stalker? Because you seem to know a lot of information on this user.
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  4. You don't want to spend the amount of time I spent looking at this user's previous posts

    Also the problem with doing @sshole is that he's banned and I can't see his posts
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  5. Vershul

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    Family FML
    The man takes his research seriously as it seems.
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  6. Vershul

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    Family FML
  7. Canadienne

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    Make one about my lord and saviour @Squag please she has like 5 perm bans and is currently perm
  8. Wyatt

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    All I can say is: those are alt accounts, dingus.
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  9. Actually, according to the way they act, they aren't. Djarolol mentions them as seperate people. If they are alts, I cant make that accusation without having proof.

    Whos the dingus now?
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  10. infamous forum users?
    The Gods of Forums.
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  11. K?
  12. you should do lucky kessie chain meme
  13. that's a lot of threads
  14. Vegito

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  15. BillGates

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    Digiorno doesn't sound like a nice person
  16. craafty

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    Ex Rayers XRAY
    Whatever you do, don't do @Qwacks next. I heart he's a retard.
  17. the more retarded the better
  18. Why did you spend so much time making this thread
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  19. Why did you waste 2 hours of your life linking all of his threads...

    that deserves a few likes...

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