1. I see a lot of one man inactive guilds who haven't been online in over a year if not more than. It's taking up valuable guild names. Is there anything that can be done? I'm trying to grab a shorter version of my guild name but it has been taken by one of these said players that haven't been online in a long time.

    (I don't really know which category to put this thread under, so I guess it'll go here)
  2. Swag

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    You can try contacting support.hypixel.net for this but I doubt anything can be done for it.
  3. There are a lot of inactive people in Minecraft with OG names. Does that mean Mojang should remove all of those players who haven't played for years with them?
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  4. No because said accounts cost money.

    Does a guild? No. What would they lose?
  5. If a player hasnt been on for 1 1/2 + years and it's a one man guild I agree
  6. I was thinking this, as there's no monetary value on it. I wouldn't think it'd be a bad idea per-se.
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    not our problem
  8. Their exp, their achievements and anything that they already currently have
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  9. Guilds over a year old with one person in it who hasn't logged in for the same amount of time won't have a clue that there's now achievements and EXP. Trust me, there's plenty.
  10. um it actually does since you need a rank to form a guild lol
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  11. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I haven't been VIP in a long time I almost forget :')

    Thanks for the reminder.
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    I don’t think that they can do anything about it.
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