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  1. OverNamed

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    So on some maps, especially the elevated maps, when you fall down somewhere, you're basically stuck there for the whole game if you dont have blocks anymore, which kind of has a game breaking disadvantage against rushing. Since you cant break blocks on BW maps, or even place blocks on specific parts of the map, this basically only gives you the option to quit and move on, or just stay there doing nothing.

    I'm not sure how to fix this, but maybe adding ladders to these specific parts of the map that gets you stuck? That would be great. I can provide screenshots, but I can't atm. I might do it tomorrow if needed, although its obvious.
  2. kazpers

    kazpers Well-Known Member

    Report it in the bug reports section. That's surely a bug...
  3. They’ve prob fixed it by now
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  4. great another necroposter
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  5. You can always leave and rejoin and it kills you
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  6. Question:

    Provide screenshots maybe?

    Have you tried /hub? and rejoin?

    Or do you mean like,

    The spots where get knocked off, but you have no blocks? and your stuck there because your teammates just want to see you stuck ;/


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  7. What do you mean I’m trying to tell
    him the could of fixed it by now because the glitch isn’t happening to me
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  8. joplace

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    This thread was made in June, that's why he said you're necroposting
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  9. Srijan

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    Posting on a thread a month+ old is not allowed. It just brings back a useless and outdated thread... Like yeah this was probably fixed by now but it's been a few months, no one cares about it now.

    @PizzaPockets lock? :D
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  10. Ok I wont
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  11. Please don’t post on old threads. Please check the date before posting.
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