1. Sorry but that's a normal SkyBlock ban, not related to the automated blocks that happened due to the exploit
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  2. So how long will it last?
  3. But Hypixel himself said that no one should be banned
  4. I'm not sure, you can contact http://support.hypixel.net/ and they may have more information for you

    It's likely unrelated to the backpack issues, but again I'm not sure
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  5. I have contacted support, but no reply for whole 7 days.

    I am also sure that it is the backpack bug since I was insta banned after it

    I have no way to seek help now lol
  6. that is impossible, surely i was banned because of the backpack dupe,

    I was literally blocked minutes before skyblock went into maintence
  7. PM me your ticket number and I'll see if I can get it looked at, 7 days is longer than usual

    Again I have no further info about it, you need to talk to support
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  8. ok thx I will make a support ticket
  9. Please help @Sylent I am still blocked from SkyBlock and my support ticket is not getting any new updates for almost 6 days.

  10. You're the greatest admin
  11. And still no one has solved my problems for 2 weeks
  12. Sylent help us QAQ

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