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    Rollback RB
    Welcome to hypixel skyblock support, where youtubers get instant responses but regular players get no response for over 6+ months.

    Thank you hypixel very cool
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  2. You need to report this rather than complain about it on the forums. Reporting it will actually solve your problem rather than just gaining attention on the forums as a forum post is not a formal report.
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  3. Had you read the thread, you could've seen I said I made a bug report and haven't obtained a response, but thanks for the reply.
  4. Ye I talked to people that have duped and can't get in skyblock but also some that can get into skyblock. This is some other problem I'll see if I can get someone to look into it and fix it.
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  5. appreciate it, thank you
  6. this account got banned during the watchdog massacre
  7. DoggyDoge

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    If it makes you feel better pigicial still gets to play
  8. yea i have the same problem
    ig we just have to wait
    if ur gonna ban us pls tell us how long hypixel ;d
  9. I’d like to see where you said that cause I certainly can’t find it. Bug reports take a good week to reply to. You can’t expect a reply within hours
  10. Timy

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    Boko Boys BOKO
    It does seem weird, from the video it appears it tries to put you in a lobby but than immediately kicks you due to some error. Ik when people were blocked it didn't attempt to put them in a lobby. Somethings probably glitched with your account/profile, hopefully it's fixable without losing your profile.
  11. I didn't say I waited a week, you told me to contact staff after I said I made a report lol
  12. you can try to coop kick urself
    or drop ur items
  13. I've already confirmed my island isn't corrupted or anything because in the second I was on it I invited one of my guildmates and they were on it without issues. With the API tracking websites I didn't lose any items from what I can see except for a few summoning eyes that were in my ender chest, which leads me to believe I bought some duped eyes.
  14. Solo, with only 1 profile.
  15. yikes thats tough
    my coop members haven't been on since i was locked out so no chance to kick yet
    gl tho
  16. I didn’t tell you to contact staff? I told you to file a report, which you never said you did, just that staff don’t reply to bug reports implying you didn’t see the point in making one. Never once previously did you say “I made a bug report”. I didn’t say you waited a week, I suggested you wait a week for the team to get around to your bug report as that is how long it takes on average, so be patient.
  17. You're telling me this doesn't imply that I made a bug report? The guy said "get help" how the fuck am I supposed to get help if they never reply to my report? lol

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