1. When Skyblock was re-opened up to everyone, I went on and nothing was unusual at all. I was buying summoning eyes to do dragons, and was kicked after claiming them from the auction, and I haven't been let into Skyblock since. That was over 14 hours ago. What the hell happened, and why can't I play Skyblock? I didn't dupe and I haven't done any sort of exploits at all. Whenever I try to join, I'm on my island for maybe a second, get kicked, and get the error message "Skyblock currently in maintenance." Can I please get a staff member to help?

    video of me trying to join :
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  2. Bytr

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    You duped
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  3. I was just on an hour ago it should be up for you unless banned
  4. Literally said in the post I didn't dupe. lol. How was I on Skyblock earlier like I said to go to the Auction Master and buy items if I duped? I was literally asleep in an afk pool with a vampire mask on my head when it was happening.
  5. It was the vampire mask it scared the helpers
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  6. Even if you duped it not you most likely aren’t banned. Mynetrix was streaming yesterday and u asked if he abused and he did but all that happened was that he apparently got some sort of rollback. Contact a helper or get a friend to contact one. They should be able to help you. If they say you duped and they say they have evidence then there is nothing else you can do except for BUYING AN ALT(but that costs money). Sorry bro
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  7. probably overlooked a few players, it can happen when you search through 25000 and you haven't slept for a day
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  8. For anyone wondering what this looks like.
  9. bump to keep on 1st page
  10. don't bump
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  11. You do know by saying don't bump you literally bumped it right?
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  12. bumping again because this is a joke
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  13. outplayed. Pack it up boi.
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    Man it’s been a while since everyone was allowed in, did you send a message to the staff?
  15. Get help
  16. I would if they could respond to bug reports
  17. I was on earlier, and now I can't get on. That's why I'm confused
  18. hax
  19. why are you even replying you havent been on the server since 2017
  20. B











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