1. Hi so my sister @ILUVolleyball96 Broke her big toe about 2 weeks ago. She did not think she broke it but it did break and it started to heal the wrong way. Yesterday she finally went to the doctor and she had to get Surgery. I was at home when she was gona and i did not know where she went b/c after school she comes home right away. So she went to the doctor with my little sisters and my mom. She texted me

    Brooklyn: Hi :(
    Me: Hi where are you?
    Brooklyn: Getting my toe fixed
    Me: Oh, well it's about time
    Brooklyn: Yeah but the doctor said to keep me descracted for a few min.
    Me: Oh ok. How was school?
    Brooklyn: Good
    Me: Did you have Exams today?
    Brooklyn: No but i do tomorrow :(
    Me: Just bring some candy
    Brooklyn: i can't i would get in trouble from my teacher.
    Me: that is why you give some to the kids beside you so you won't tell dude.
    Brooklyn: Lol ya ya
    Brooklyn: 1 sec there putting needle in OUCH!!!! OW OW
    Me: >.<
    Brooklyn: K gotta go now.
    Me: K good luck praying for you!

    20 MIN LATER
    Brooklyn: They have to put another needle in my toe >.< b/c the Numming did not work
    Me: Ughh Doctors these days.

    Brooklyn: *a picture of her toe in a little cast*
    Me: Phew! All done!
    Brooklyn: Yeah finally.
    Me: when you gonna be home?
    Brooklyn: idk i think i'm gonna go get some ice cream
    Me: Bring me back some!!!

    .....No response...she came home with no ice cream.

    Anyways she has to go back in 2 weeks and has to do that for a while. She can't do her school sport anymore which she loves so much and i feel so bad for her.

    Please if you don't mind pray that she can be healed very soon and be able to do her sport again soon.

    Thank you so much for reading!
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  2. WAGamer

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    I hope she gets better soon.

    From reading those text messages, it sounds really laborious and painful to go through all that. :(
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  3. Thank you. It's really painful for me to see her go through that as her twin, but it's much worse for her
  4. kyei

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    My twin went through something similar too, we aren't as close but it hurt me to see her in pain; it's good that you were there for your sister while it happened. Hope your sister heals quickly!
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  5. Thank you so much!
  6. Awww, that’s so sad to hear, hopefully she gets well soon <3
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  7. Thank you
  8. I did not see her this morning to she must have gotten up early to catch the bus. I'm gonna text her while she's at lunch.
    I'll keep ya'll updated
  9. Okay i just texted her
    "Praying for your toe to heal:( if you can text me at lunch."
  10. mochhi

    mochhi Well-Known Member

    I hate to hear that
    I hope she gets better soon <3
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  11. Thank you!
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  12. Okay Update: I'm gonna go bring her lunch at school
  13. and i might eat while i'm there xD
  14. Hope your sister feels better soon.
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  15. My brother had appendicitis once and I had 3 days without him and I'd just sit on the stair waiting for him to come home on the last day

    Hope she gets better soon. love from me <3
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  16. zombad

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    My sister (who has been a dancer her whole life) (and went to Julliard) recently got diagnosed with scoliosis, so that's cool.

    gotta love god! <o/
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  17. well, i will be praying for her
  18. thank you
  19. I hope your sister feels better!!!
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