1. Since Thursday, I have huge hypixel ping ups like 100 of rise ping then this one decreases and continually increases.

    However, I only lag on hypixel, I testss on other servers and my ping was good and constant. Moreover, I did ping tests at home with speedtest and my connection was good and normal.

    My problem only concerns hypixel for me.

    Anyone have the same problem or do you have an idea for my trouble ?
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  2. 1)What version do you use?(e.x forge 1.8.9, or normal 1.10)
    2)In the case of using forge could you tell me your mods?
    3)Have you tried restarting your router?(I know your internet is fine and everything but a wifi restart is always good)
  3. I'm using forge 1.8.9 with Optifine 1.8.9, 5 Zig mod and F mod.
    I restarted my router several times.
  4. Have you checked your ping with regular minecraft?
  5. no, i didn't. I will check.
  6. probably because it is a really popular server, it has to render lots of entities and particles and other stuff
  7. Thanks
  8. True, but I think he is constantly getting high ping + the whole server would lag but it's not because last time I checked it was fine.
  9. I mean he probably has a laptop/computer who can't handle all the entities and particles
  10. If the problem is his computer/laptop then he would have been getting fps drops and lagspikes
  11. I have a good computer which can run big games in ultra gaphics, it's not a fps problem.
  12. it's the same thing :(
  13. Interesting. How long have you been getting this error/problem?
  14. Since Thursday
  15. Right(you said it earlier but I am blind). Could you do me one more favor and try playing with forge but without any mods(dont delete them just cut-copy them in a folder at your desktop)
  16. I realized a ping test with the ip of hypixel : https://imgur.com/a/6uzUkjU
    You can see now the ping which up and down
  17. Thanks for the screenshot but I would advise you not to show your ip(even though is your private ip). Also, it seems that your ping is fine.
  18. it's not my ip but hypixel :)
  19. MineRock

    MineRock Active Member

    I live in Europe and the ping doesn’t go power than 90ms maybe cause of your location?

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