1. Yes I did hack, 100% deserved ban there by watchdog, and I understand everyone is after me for that already. I got rid of the client, and looking to a fresh start. So now that I got that out of the way...

    My recent ban

    I was banned for blacklisted modifications as of today, I'm unbanned now, but more of that later. What happened was that I was in a hole and I hit a guy through stairs.

    It looked sort of like this:

    But as I got the kill like that, a mod speced me and it appeared as though I was hitting through blocks, thus I was banned. I was unbanned about 5 minutes after the ban (No clue why, as my appeal hasn't been accepted or denied) the thought is the mod looked closer and saw that you could hit through there.

    Basically I felt like explaining it here, if you guy don't believe me that's fine, but at least I know I should've gotten that cleared up.

    Hope you guys understand that I'm now clean of hacks, I think explaining it here helps everyone.
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  2. Stonewall_64

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  3. wat this isn't watchdog lol
  4. Descartes

    Descartes Member

  5. It is good for you to admit it, now, good luck grinding!
  6. This won't help you getting unbanned fam
  7. He already is unbanned
  8. already knew you are a hacker because you watch anime
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  9. Anime doesn't have anything to do with hacking xd
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  10. yes it does

    weeaboo = hacker
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  11. Weeabo= Skilled pvper
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  12. Weeaboo
    A non japanese person who basically denounces their own culture and calls themselves japanese. They try to learn japanese through the anime they watch and usually end up pronouncing it wrong and looking like a complete idiot.

    KEEP IN MIND: that a non-japanese person can like the culture, watch anime, speak the language and RESPECT THE CULTURE, while still keeping in touch with there own. Which keeps them from being a Weeaboo, japanophile, ect.
    Weeaboo's basically disrespect the culture and make complete asses of themselves
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  13. L o L
  14. Guess I'm a bhopper. If you see me in-game, then make sure to watchdog report me (we all know it won't catch me tho).
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  15. filthy hacker
  16. what client did u have
  17. Dont provoke people to spread clients please.
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  19. jmwjmw27

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    Cute but I don't watch anime
    I only disliked because it's borderline racist
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