Do you think i can get my old weapon back if I ask an admin?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. So I crafted a wep for Protector, I wanted to reroll it but I forgot to switch my Eward wep to my Protector wep...
    Please guys tell me if I can get my good old weapon back ;-;

    Yes I'm so hopeless I made a poll to know if I can get my old weapon back
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  2. Look at the bright side! You have 18% boulder now at least?
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  3. But, either way you can't get your old weapon back
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  4. JustxTime

    JustxTime Active Member

    I lost a nice 2/4 pyro weapon once feelsbadman
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  5. All you can do is make a new one and hope :(
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  6. So I rerolled and this is the best I could get:
  7. Actually, the melee is even better than before. Same with the skill bonus. I think this weapon is about the same as before; it has less health, energy, speed, and cooldown, but everything else is more powerful.
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  8. Your original stats were 84/100
    Minimum damage: Average
    Maximum damage: Average
    Critical chance: Perfect
    Critical multiplier: Very good
    Ability Boost: Good
    Health: Perfect
    Energy: Very good
    Cooldown: Error
    Speed: Error
    Your weapon is Very good

    Your new stats are 76/100
    Minimum damage: Average
    Maximum damage: Average
    Critical chance: Perfect
    Critical multiplier: Perfect
    Ability Boost: Perfect
    Health: Average
    Energy: Worst
    Cooldown: Perfect
    Speed: Good
    Your weapon is Good

    In my opinion, 5 energy won't have an effect on Ewarden. The only thing that will be noticeably affected by the 1% cooldown difference is Healing Totem, and 1.2 seconds won't be noticeable on something with an 80 second cooldown after all the upgrades. The most important thing is the damage boost and health, so while health went down 101, boulder's damage went up 3%. I can't say the affect 100 health will have, but since Ewarden doesn't have any skills that heal based on it's own health, I think it's okay.
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  9. Either way, I hope you come to terms with you loss.:(
  10. Now I need to craft another Protector weapon because I wanted to reroll my Eward wep until is was good again xD
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  11. You could make and use a 0/2 epic for it while you gather void shards; that's what I do.
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  12. Might as well salvage it now

    Or wait another two forges and then salvage
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  13. u can reroll for 10k so u will be fine.
    also, ur bouldars are going to be rock solid
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  14. Rip the cooldown and speed buffs :/ but gg on the 18% skill boost.
  15. At least 18% boulder?
  16. That's actually great!
  17. To say RNG dropped the ball on this one is like saying RNG dropped the ball on this one
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  18. DTRON

    DTRON Well-Known Member

    DeadlyNoodles OFFICER
    Wait until you find one, prot weapons are almost worthless tbh.
  19. So uh...
    I've come to help.


    I mean I got them good hugs bro.
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