1. some people were saying MM was going to a new lobby called Social Games lobby but then hypixel posts pn twitter a murder mystery exclusive lobby?? What is it gonna be Social Lobby or MM Lobby.

    @Tactful explain pls.
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  2. We changed our mind. There were a few reasons:
    • Murder Mystery is popular enough to sustain its own lobby with specific leaderboards, shop, etc
    • We don't have any other 'Social Games' atm, so the Social Games lobby would have just been MM
    • The build team had already started building out a really cool and impressive Murder Mystery themed lobby
    We decided to go with the MM lobby for now, and in the future if / when we make more 'Social' style games, we can decide what to do with them on a case-by-case basis. Hope that makes sense!
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  3. Hype :D

    Honestly I dont think the social lobby should be made, it could potentially decrease the games popularity like Classic Lobby did.
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  4. Also when da heck is murderer comin out man
  5. A fun little Pokemon like game for lobby pets but no real stats just fun and games?
  6. IcyClover

    IcyClover Well-Known Member

    Any team game should be a 'social' game. I thought that the social team games would be lumped together, like the classic games.
  7. PTL has proven that if people want to play the games, they will find and play them, regardless of which lobby they are in. Bed Wars became the most popular game on Hypixel whilst being in the PTL (and missing lots of features).

    But yeah, idk. We will reassess the situation when we have more than one "social game" lol, and try to do the best decision for all the games :)

    Don't think too hard about the word 'social' in "social game", we are just using it to differentiate PVP games and creative games from games that are less dependent on skilled Minecraft PVP, and more on collaboration, communciation, and fun times with friends.
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  8. maybe next month idk
  10. Update it now! xD #Hype!
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  11. Squag

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    good good arena brawl
  12. No squag what are u doin here
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  13. Squag

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