Should Shields be removed

  1. Yes Please

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  2. No because they help me do nothing

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  1. WHY [removed by staff] IS THERE A SHIELD WHEN YOU RIGHT CLICK I mean ive been kill cause you cant hit people with it on. There is no point in having it so i vote it should be removed

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  2. JitterTapps

    JitterTapps Active Member

    Play on 1.8.9 u nub
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  3. well do you have a solution?

    no need to be toxic <3
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  4. and im not a noob ive been on this server for more then a year <3
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  5. Xeroxi

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    Go to launch options and click add new. Under version, pick the version 1.8.9 (1.8 also works) and finish setting up the profile. Use that profile in the future if you don't like the shields. The reason why you see shields when you block is because of the shield mechanic that replaced blocking in 1.9 and above.
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  6. Do not use 1.9 then

    y tf did u use it in the first place?
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  7. knighty3247

    knighty3247 Active Member

    Dude your forum post doesn't even make any sense, first of all how do you just lose by blocking? Block hitting is really useful and just why use 1.9???????
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  8. Only version 1.9+ in minecraft has shields, so if you use anything below that you won't have this problem. You should use 1.8.9 though probably (as others have said), because it is reportedly the best for PvP (aim for their legs when playing 1.8.9).
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  9. when you block with a shield it doesnt allow you to hit people or run
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  10. im just saying why do that have it?
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  11. It's the closest way possible to re-create blocking with a sword on versions 1.9 and above, which is needed as the server itself is still 1.8 where block hitting is possible.
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  12. A7N


    A7N Well-Known Member

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    But he did offer a solution, playing in 1.8.9 fixes the problem.
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  13. Hey SpikeKing!

    The reason the shield exists is to recreate the 1.8.9 or below vanilla sword block for those users playing on more recent versions. If you accidentally pull it up during a battle and don't wish to use it at all, you can go into controls and rebind the right mouse key. You could also use a texture pack with invisible shields, many 1.9 pvp resource packs feature it, if the visual of the shields alone is compromising your experience.

    This is 100% intentional as you are not able to sprint or hit while blocking in Minecraft 1.8 either.

    Blocking, or drawing your shield will reduce incoming player and mob damage, and therefore is a useful feature in minecraft. Many players will use it in various PvP situations. You can try to quickly right/left click to still have a strong DPS and yet take reduced damage.

    One solution to get rid of the shield altogether would be by downgrading your minecraft version, to 1.8/1.89 as they do not have shields in them at all. You can still play all games on our network, with no compromises. In fact most players use a 1.8 client as they share your feelings towards shields.

    If you have any questions on the matter feel free to send me a private message. :)
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