1. Hello!
    I was grinding for Prestige Blaze and now I am at 85% of my grind but.....
    Now I doubt getting prestige blaze.
    2M is really a huge amount of coins (for me) and you basically get nothing special.
    The only reason I can think of is the achievement thingy you got a prestige kit.
    I can get 2 X kit for 2M.

    But I am afraid if I get 2 X kits prestige will be improved.
    idk what to do.
    Any suggestions?
  2. just do it
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  3. Why would you waste 2 million coins for a measly 10 achievement points and an extremely underwhelming kill effect?
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  4. just do it
  5. I only see you using blaze, so why not, plus, if you are interested on ap grinding it would be fantastic.

    Otherwise, knowing you if you decide to get 2 Xs they'll probs be golem and wolf, and that isn't nothing special too.

    I would say blaze pres
  6. bruh just swag out
  7. I mean they wont ever make prestige actually give you an advantage. You only get a prestige for looks at well... prestige.
  8. x_x


    x_x Well-Known Member

    X X
    Yeah who would do that???
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  9. All prestige blaze owners are cool :sunglasses:
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  10. They are 15.

    A better idea of this is that you could earn tiered achievements by upgrading kits to " " level
  11. BarneyLovesYou

    BarneyLovesYou Well-Known Member

    Greetings from india
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  12. ImWolf85

    ImWolf85 Well-Known Member

    Leveling every kit to 7 isn't hard or an achievement.

    I like it the way it is and I only have a 9 I'm not interested in getting to X lol
  13. ImWolf85

    ImWolf85 Well-Known Member

    It's not a waste it's an achievement.
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  14. Don’t do it. First of all, presto ting is useless and when it gets buffed, I doubt it will be worth 2M coins. I think you should get 2 Xs or prestige a kit that isn’t shit
  15. I'd only get the Prestige if you main the kit, and don't see a lot of other X's as good for your playstyle. However, if you buy MVP++, Prestige kits make you stand out. So, choose wisely.
  16. भारत से हैलो
  17. Hello from india
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