Do you agree to my reasons and like my ideas?

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  1. Hello :D

    Zombie is a very new game and its a hit!

    this thread will be giving reasons why Zombies shouldn't be placed in arcade

    - Why Zombies shouldn't be placed in arcade -

    - Arcade Has The Blocking dead Which is very similar to Zombies. Arcade also has Creeper Attack which is also similar to zombies therefore I don't think it should be there

    - Zombies has many possibilities it can have many different modes, like endless mode etc, it can have small (not very game changing) perks, you can upgrade your main starter rifle Much more

    More reasons coming soon

    - Ideas for Zombies once its release (own mini game ideas) -

    - There can be small perks like 5% upon killing a zombie you will earn double gold (perks that can be similar to Vampirez)

    - There can be upgrades for your starter rifle (maybe for others as well) you can upgrade ammo, clip, bullet speed, firing

    - Different zombie models like headless zombie, crawler etc (this does not need to be added pretty sure you need a pack for that)

    More coming soon!

    You can disagree with my reasons, I just don't think it deserve to be in arcade
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  2. I believe Hypixel's intentions is to have it as a separate game lobby.
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  3. I think it would make MUCH more sense telo as I play separate
  4. try-hard zombie alert help
  5. Zombies is significantly more likely to become a full-on non-Arcade game than Murder Mystery (the 1.0 of which is coming soon).
    A lot of people want (and are building) lobbies, and 0.2 is coming out soon as well.
    Full release might take a while but it has good chances.
  6. Good ideas, but I think it should be its own game. From admin responses, it looks like new game modes are coming in the future.

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