1. This mode is already so dead, and making it harder to access these modes would make it even less likely to fill.

    Option : 1
    • - Remove the Skywars and UHC NPCs
    • - Revert layout completely
    Option: 2
    • Have one npc to the far left, rotating between UHC and Skywars duels every week(?)
    Either way, re-add the npc along with making a filling change
    • Not filling at <8 players
    • 300s timer at 8 players
    • 180s timer at 12 players
    • 20s timer at 16 players
    • 10s timer at 32 players
    Along with a Lifetime Leaderboard for Trophies (and of each type), along with Weekly and monthly categories for their respective modes

    It's hard to fill and win 100 games, so some minor balancing is in order.
    ffffffffffffffffffffffff Old New
    Duels Trophies I 1 fffff f 1
    Duels Trophies II 10 ffff 5
    Duels Trophies III 25 ffff 25
    Duels Trophies IV 50 ffff 50
    Duels Trophies V 100 ffff 85
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  2. Nightnado

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    Sounds like a good idea to me, I really like the mode but it is kind of dead :(. So I hope they will look into it.
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  3. Achievements are supposed to be difficult to get, why make it easier?
  4. At the moment, I can't even find a game with enough people to get a trophy.
  5. I realize that, but if you look at these changes they're pretty minor, 85 trophies is still going to take a long time to get, the set that goal at 100, thinking it would usually fill, but since the mode has died, at least a small adjustment like I proposed should be in order

    and other than that do you agree with me :p
  6. Play at weekends.
    I mean why make changes to the achievement, you realize that all achievements are supposed to be challenging and require dedication.

    I mean, why change required player to start, it will make the game more likely to die.
  7. 1. Yes, I know that, but 100 trophies is a bit too much, 85 is still challenging enough, and still requires dedication
    2. Often it would eventually fill, but games start with, say 15 players, making people want to leave instantly, this also makes the Champion, and Smash your keyboard achievements a bit harder by making tournaments have 8+ players
  8. Taii

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    The duels lobby is just fucking terrible tbh
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